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You’re invited to sit or lie down comfortably, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and join us as we travel to a babbling brook in the Appalachian forest, a rose-scented temple in the high mountains of Nepal, the green hills in the lush tea gardens of India, a desert caravan atop the swaying back of a camel.

This World Music Sound Journey is an immersive musical experience like no other. Within the sacred container of the StarHouse, under the influence of the Cancer New Moon, it is sure to be a soul-vibing evening.

During this 2-hour event, participants are invited to lay down, sit, stand, stretch, or move their bodies in any way that feels nourishing as we guide them through a rich and varied terrain of sound. We will begin with a copal cleansing and new moon activation to guide the listener into a dynamic state of restorative presence.

Sunday, June 30th from 7:00p-9:00p
Doors open at 6:40

The StarHouse – 3476 Sunshine Canyon Dr, Boulder, CO 80302

$32 | $27 early bird special ending June 10th
Pre-register here:
All sales are final.

Come prepared to luxuriate and bask in sacred sound. Bring your yoga mat and any other comfy cozies that will enhance your experience. A limited number of blankets, pillows, and backjacks will be provided.

A sonic tapestry, AKOA’s music weaves rarely showcased world instruments with subtle electronic undertones, creating unique and dynamic soundscapes which give listeners permission to transform into the free-spirited globe trotters they know themselves to be. Creating an intentionally-crafted and responsive container for their audiences, AKOA (Akacia Rose and Noah Wilson) invites the listener to return to a state of awe and grounded inspiration. Decorated with sounds of the natural world, the music is interwoven with and inspired by the Earth, in all of her diverse glory.

Listen to a mini sound journey here:

The StarHouse is a sanctum and ceremonial center. It was constructed according to many of the traditional theories of cathedral and temple building, as well as ancient geometric principles of ideal symmetry, proportion and harmony.

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