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Women of Vision

The Women of Vision program is no longer active. However, it was a very important program to us as it built bridges between women of all faiths in the Middle East.   As part of this program, The StarHouse also supported connections between the women of Israel/Palestine and Boulder, Colorado.

For me, this was one of the significant experiences in life.  The ‘Women of Vision’ opened a skylight for me for worldly work of women together to awaken a women’s spirit of place that creates and produces a different reality: a reality of peace and healing wounds of the war, and choosing a different way of listening, loving and totally accepting all people – whomever they may be – and giving possibility for a different mode of action in the world.” WOV Participant

The people of The StarHouse community still hold the women of the Middle East in our hearts and minds. Work toward peace and understanding continues today in different forms:

1) Anastacia Nutt, one of the founders of the WOV program, continues to travel to the Middle East a few times every year.
2) Patti Bowen, who participated in WOV, continues to hold Full Moon gatherings and ceremonies each month as a way of connecting with and supporting the women of the Middle East.

Your donation will be used to continue this important work for peace and interfaith understanding:

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