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February 22nd & 23rd

Join us at StarHouse this February for a 2-Day Immersion in deep practice for couples. Create new levels of intimacy, polarity, and reciprocity with each other and with the world.
Does your relationship have great potential, but could stronger, even more cosmic? In this weekend, you will grow your ability to trust each other, experience rich connection, create attraction and intimacy, and engage your relationship as a vessel of service to earth & spirit.

This retreat draws on the tools of neuroscience & attachment theory to help you create a strong bond capable of “conducting” the increased energy of love & attraction that the polarity practices will develop.

Break out of unconscious roles and patterns to rekindle the spark of passion & magic between you.

* Energize your relationship by bringing new levels of expression into connection
* Learn to embody the power and wisdom of the feminine
* Heal the pain of where you’ve held back in relationship
* Offer your desire & pleasure in service of love, as a gift to your partner
* Invite your partner into attuned leadership

* Lead your partner and your relationship toward depth & awareness
* Cultivate inner strength to meet the intensity of relationship with love
* Develop your capacity to free yourself and your partner from limiting patterns
* Hold your loving presence through a wider range of feminine expression
* Create trust to draw out your partner’s fullness

**Couples of all genders and sexual orientations welcome**

Our previous events have sold out, so pre-registration is highly recommended. A limited number of discounted tickets is available for the first couples who register.



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