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You are invited to an evening Workshop guided by an international teacher and facilitator from South Africa who has guided hundreds of women of all ages across the world on a profound journey of awakening through sexuality, love and relationship. The theme of this evening workshop is awakening the union of the masculine and feminine within.
Within the inner union a woman’s radiant fire of love awakens and she starts to live from her true essence. All her layers of protection and conditioning become alive to be felt and released through her body. The pure aliveness of a woman’s feminine sexual essence can then flow freely with love. Her body becomes filled with bliss, she embraces her purified power and her heart opens in radiant light. She comes home to who she truly is, embodied in her divinity, knowing why she is here and ready to ignite her love into the world. With her embodiment of the inner masculine she has clear seeing, containment and is held in her sovereignty. She has vision, integrity and is dedicated to truth. 
During this evening workshop you will be guided into a women’s awakening practice, the facilitator shall share a transmission and there shall be time to engage and share amongst women.
This work is held in the most sacred way, fully clothed, and supported in a clear container.
Note this Body of Work is in the form of an 18 month online program and numerous in-person retreats. 

Themes of the greater Body of Work ~

* Discover the path of awakening through the union of masculine and feminine essences within
* Discover your sexual essence as pure life force opening into your heart and purpose
* Awakening the feminine as inner beauty and discovering your receptivity, wisdom and power
* Receive your body as a temple of life opening to the elements moving you
* Explore how relationship, sexuality and love has been shaped through conditioning and the collective
* Infuse consciousness into the field of attraction with men
* Clearing the unconscious manipulative ways in which women have used their sexuality
* Meet the deepest terror and rage that creates a shut down of power as a gateway
* Embrace your purified power and creative life essence moving from the earth into your heart
* Integrate polarity into the heart by embracing the dance of openings and closings in relationship and life
* Explore the shadow and the light of the virgin whore split within women to awaken sacred sexuality
* Awaken the fire of love by healing abandonment, rejection and betrayal
* Receive the divine masculine, feeling held and contained, with deep integrity and dedication to truth
* Open to the divine feminine healing tender places within you and awakening you to who you truly are
* Embrace relationship with man as a mirror and gift for transformation to becoming more whole within
* Heal the sacred wound between the masculine and feminine within self and in the world
* Embody radiant love in your intimate relating with self, others and the world
* Know why you are here and ignite your true gift into the world through your unique essence

It is time to turn within and to release what has been limiting you from your personal past and collective conditioning within your sexual essence and relating with the masculine.

This body of work is a deep inner transformational journey, which magnifies your expansion in your outer life.

Workshop Contribution ~
* Sliding scale $25 – $35



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