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Thank you for your interest in StarHouse and All Seasons Chalice 

We remain in a dynamic process to transition from private ownership to sustainable stewardship.  We seek to discover a cooperative model of governance while honoring this community resource and the meaningful programs that occur here on this sacred land.  We are very open to suggestions or ideas regarding this inquiry! 
If you feel a resonance and cohesion with our mission and vision below, please provide your email address for more information and an invitation to join us at a future event. 
Thank you,
Lila & David Tresemer 
We at The StarHouse continue to Listen Deeply to the Temple and the Land with the intention to co-create and discover how to be the most relevant and vibrant sacred space that we can be! StarHouse was designed from principles of sacred geometry, and is dedicated to the transformational potential of Self, Community and Earth.
We are a Sacred Space, surrounded by Sacred Nature.  Our Mission Statement reveals that we are devoted to providing sacred ground and to honoring all beings. We love weaving together communities of spirit, and are dedicated to finding common vision amongst all manner of authentic spiritual pursuits. 

Our Objectives:

o   To enliven human beings to personal transformation—Self-realization.

o   To train capacities in human beings to engage spiritual principles and powers in service of Earth-realization during this unprecedented time of need on the planet.

o   To support the worthy initiatives of those who become Partners of StarHouse.

o   To work together as Partners for the betterment of the world.

Over and over, The StarHouse has offered depth and inspiration through ceremony and high-spirited work which extend value, caring, and inspiration to people and places in need. It is our intention to continue to pulse the unique blend of multi-faith programs from this place!  

We hope you will join us during this exciting time of transition and global growth.


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