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The Art Of Loving: Expanding Love In Everyday Life

We are all capable of loving deeply. This capacity is not limited to Saints and “Enlightened” persons. It is through deep understanding and patient practice that allow our hearts to open.
We extend a warm welcome to join us for an evening of simple truths to be explored and refreshed!
This evening will include:
· An introductory talk followed by Q and A and conversation.
· A short meditation
· A one on one blessing
Topics covered:
· Our innate capacity for love and forgiveness
· The challenges of human relationships
· What blocks the natural flow of love and kindness
· Daily practices to support loves expansion
What to expect:
Anything between a comfortable gathering of like-minded community members to an opening of your heart that may last for days to come.
What to bring:
An open mind to how things can change as well as a small willingness to expand love in your life.
About Russell Agee:
Russell has lived in Boulder for the past 27 years. He has taught meditation and traveled the US offering spiritual retreats and talks for several decades. His main message is unconditional love can be achieved by everyone.
Co-sponsored by ASC
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