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StarHouse = Sacred structure within sacred nature—built places that orient the human being to the greater nature surrounding, and then to the sacred nature within. The four orientations—Stars, Sophia, Sacred-Sites, StarHouse-History—stand on their own; these four can be experienced in any order. Within each series, delving beyond level 1 (e.g., Star-1), into deeper levels (as in Star-2 or Star-3), requires participation in the earlier levels. The intention is to attune you to the instruments available here, as an activation of the field dynamics. Recommended donation to each session is $20. Each session begins at 7:30 PM (arrive at 7:15 for a 7:30 PM start). Scheduling from June 4 onward at
Stars-1 (orientation). The StarHouse relates heaven to earth. Since ancient times this relationship has been pondered and followed. What is the coordination system used by the StarHouse? Does it work? Here we delve into the geometry and harmonies of earth-beloved-by-heaven, and orient the participants to the clues hidden in this structure. There are three levels of the Stars orientation, each building on the previous.
Sophia-1 (orientation). Sophia as wisdom, as divine feminine, as the creator of life-force surging through the elements. Ours is the only planet known that sustains abundant life, and Sophia is the body of that life. Lila has developed means whereby one can come into relationship with the qualities of life-force, including the Sophia Elements meditation. There are two levels of the Sophia orientation.
Sacred-Sites-1 (orientation). Places on the land have called out for specific activations. There are many of these places. In level 1 of Sacred-Sites, we visit five such sites, and discern through experience the different flavors offered by each. Thus we practice the art of pilgrimage and activation. There are four levels of the Sacred-Sites orientation, each building on the previous.
StarHouse-History (orientation). The story of how the StarHouse came to be, and the many aspects of its structure and how it was built, are fascinating background for the use of this temple. This is given once a year to the public. It’s also recorded and that recording can be made available to those who inquire.We now have June dates. Further levels of Star, Sophia, and Sacred-Sites will be offered in coming months, each one requiring participation at the previous level.
Proposed dates in 2018:
June 18: Stars-1
June 25: Sophia-1
July 16: Sacred-Sites-1
July 30: Sophia-1
August 13: Stars-1
August 20: Sacred-Sites-1
August 27: Stars-2!!! And more to come!


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