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The Moon cycle is a teacher. Full Moons shower us with blessings; for New Moons, we have to radiate from inside outward, engaging the brilliant Sun through each person expressing creativity. It’s not a time to sit-and-take-in-without-effort. We set the scene with a tale from a mytho-poetic tradition, and then engage through working together. We also use the StarHouse as StarMap—so we can see where the players are in the space.

Based on the astrology Star Poems of David Tresemer, the fertile grounds of mythic landscape tended for decades by Lila Tresemer, and stories from storyteller Darren Silver, we will jump into the telling of an Old Tale, astrology of the new moon, finding creativity, and discussion. How does desire function in our lives—to excite, enchant, imprison, and release? How can we work with this power?
$15 at the door
$10 for members
7 PM, please, and come early to walk the Labyrinth!


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