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New Moon / 1st Cross Quarter Community Ceremony

$20 cash or check paid at the door

A time for sharing, story telling and intention setting for preparations for spring.  With candle light stone procession and ritual dance with Ixeeya Lin, live harp by Jordan McCullum and guitar and vocals by Rebecca Abraxas.  And some magic making with the StarHouse Ceremonial Team. 

What is guiding you into the new year? 

Nourishing Creative Embodied Community Magic…
…to help you have a supported transition into your springtime action plan. 
Your invited to this ancient revelry to take pause for the FIRST CROSS QUARTER matched with NEW MOON this year. 
Join in seasonal purification and blessing of our bodies, our visions and the StarHouse candles for the year to come.  This is a celebratory embodied rededication ceremony to emerge from winter with the earth.  With ritual, story sharing, and traditional Imbolc craft council to create witness and guiding light to lead us into spring. 
*We have some special live musicians … 
Singer Song writer Rebecca Abraxas with stunning heart felt lyrics and guitar and the soft grace of live harp and vocals by Jordan Ashtree McCullum joining our team to sprinkle the temple with healing vibrations for your ritual journey.  Craft a Bridit square or corn husk goddess doll to hold the blessings for your path to the new season.

Want to know more about the 1st CROSS QUARTER practice at StarHouse and the ceremonial team? …
At StarHouse we are committed to listening to the guidance of the wild earth and sky, her seasons and how they inform conscious living in our daily lives.  StarHouse is a sacred space where the wisdom of wild earth and sky meet, to meet each of us who want sanctuary to pause and listen to this unfolding wisdom available during these seasonal sign posts along the wheel of the year. 
Simply put…
The first cross quarter is the mid way point between winter solstice and spring equinox.  It was celebrated by the Celtic traditions as Imbolc and Brigits Day to pray in community celebration for a fertile season ahead. Also celebrated by Christian communities as Candlemas, a purification and dedication fire ritual to ask for guiding light. 
February 2 we hold this ancient tradition of community gathering as a time to contemplate what we need personally and communally to set intentions in motion for the new spring season percolating deep inside winters soils. Our gathering is a marker of hope and fellowship to support your days leading to spring. 

Facilitated by Ixeeya Lin, Corin Blanchard, and the StarHouse Ceremonial Team.

Ixeeya Lin is a StarHouse priestess, Sacred Arts Practitioner, and Ritual Dance leader for over 15 years. She is a dedicated earth steward and women’s shamanic womb healer. 

Corin Blanchard is a StarHouse Priestess and serves as Program Director for the new Sacred Arts Practitioner (SAP) Certification program launching in 2019. Corin is also an entrepreneur, having co-founded Soak Boulder and running a private practice as a Certified Rolfer. She also serves as a Board Member for All Seasons Chalice (ASC).
The StarHouse Ceremonial team is committed to creating seasonal earth, moon and sun centered community ceremonies throughout the year to support you in empowering your day to day life with spiritual epiphany and community support.

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