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The Order (and the Web) of Sophia

“Sophia” is a Greek word meaning Wisdom, and She is the Creatrix of all Life, given existence from the breath of Divinity, before there was Matter.

I was fashioned from eternity, from the beginning, before ever the earth was.  Proverbs 8: 23


We are a group of men and women who gather daily in a shared meditation for the good of the Whole of Creation. We have online courses, meditations and gatherings that are available for those interested to explore the Sacred Feminine, as we balance within ourselves and for Life, with the Sacred Masculine.

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The earth is a living intelligent being in whom we live and move; we call her Sophia (Greek for ‘wisdom,’ and her name is often found in the early Gnostic texts, see footnote). Immersion in Sophia as Natura in its freshest state rejuvenates us. Each of us deserves some period of time inside the truth of clean air and water, the freedom of natural hearing, the beauty of natural sight. Such an immersion takes us to the threshold of Sophia. In this re-acquaintance we can recall our unique purpose in this lifetime. The Order (and Web) of Sophia is a conduit to create these recollections as a basis for clarifying our place and our deeds in the world. We work together online, and in 



Why an Order?  Perhaps because chaos is accelerated at the end of the Kali Yuga, and order is required, with an origin point in Earth Wisdom. We are witnessing a powerful domination by “sky-god” religions, which have disregarded Earth based tradition. Th

This is the time of Gaia/Sophia Rising, and of the Remembrance of the Sacred Feminine as a complementary pattern, essential to the Sacred Masculine—the communion necessary for Sacred Union, to Wholeness and Healing. We are embodiments of Her, and cannot exist on Earth without Her, whether we are male or female.  We, as Sophians, are the essential key to the Future of Humanity. “Anthropos” is the Greek word meaning the full potential of the human being; as individuals who have realized Anthropos within ourselves, we can greatly assist the balancing of Gaia/Sophia with the Christ energy at this time.

Finding the collective voice, beyond religions and particular spiritual paths (yet appropriately honoring them)—we gather the women and men who are called to Her Wisdom.

 Imagine … a spiritual circle of women and men who focus on collective rituals and practices, which respond to Earth situations, issues and needs.  Working in consonance with Star Wisdom and Earthly songlines, we create altars, awaken elemental healing in the Places we walk, and build community from the Sacred Heart of Christos/Sophia.



 David, Lila and others from our core group will be offering a longer training in the Sacred Arts of StarWisdom and Sophia in 2019.  Please write at the address below if you’d like more information.

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