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July 12th & 13th

Dancing into the sacred, sexual, and archetypal cycles of a woman’s life, we will discover how each uniquely moves through us, regardless of our age, diverse realities, or life stage. Each of the developmental portals of Maiden, Mother, Queen, and Crone will be remembered and embodied, linking us with lunar cycles and the blood mysteries of the feminine. Each cycle deepens our connection with precious and potential parts of our selves, sometimes un-owned, often not fully actualized.

Throughout all time, women gather to re-member forgotten parts and to awaken to the fact that each one of us are…


And at this time, the world needs our Truths and Love in Action. We will serve as one another’s teachers, initiators, & beloved friends, we open into our light, beauty, depth, & power as women.

We will focus on how each cycle of life offers us unique perspectives for the activist leaders we all must become.   

Weaving together the arts of body, heart, & soul, we will awaken each of these sacred portals of our feminine nature along with further igniting our collective call to action in these pivotal times.

This annual gathering is a time of renewal & recalibration for each of us as women living life fully.

Women 15 years & older are welcome

$155 (Includes all programming, art supplies and Saturday night feast) 

Housing at Naropa Dormitories costs $50/per night and includes all meals. Please indicate your request for housing on your application.

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