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From David and Lila Tresemer
Here on the shifting sands of the quest to find new stewards…many of you are aware that a group of wonderful people intended to complete their contract on April 24th. That did not occur according to plan, so we are re-engaging with the inquiry, “What is the true place of a powerful trans-denominational Temple in the 21st Century and how do we find the best possible way to Re-Source it?” We – in concert with the ASC Board and many dedicated souls – continue to Listen, to Pray, and to remain Engaged in the inquiry! We will keep you all posted with further developments, and invite you to write or call if you have “grounded” inspirations along the lines of this inquiry!
*Join us on Monday evenings this month for deep (re)orientation to the source and central purpose of StarHouse!*
The StarHouse

The founders of StarHouse and All Seasons Chalice, David and Lila, have been called to seek the next steward for the StarHouse properties. They are working with a team of realtors that understands that the greatest values here are intangible—immersion in Nature, energy-flows, beauty … leading to personal and community transformation (a good reason the StarHouse parcel has received the zoning category “Use of Community Significance”). This place has a tremendous history upon which the next stewards can build. The realtors are capable of pulling together partners to work with the properties. You can see more at the website, and in the Boulder Daily Camera article from July 31, 2015, “StarHouse: A special place of infinite possibilities, peace, and calm.” Of course, much can be learned about the StarHouse at The realtor team includes Jill Grano, 303.945.0601,, and Roger Walker, 303.818.5920,, and Jay Hebb, <>. We invite members of the StarHouse community who feel called to participate, or to whom insights and ideas arise, to contact these capable intermediaries. Or simply to hold an open space for a creative and aware new steward.