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Tickets $49.37

Sacred Sound and Cosmic Cacao Activation with Brie and Bjorn

Experience and harness the powerful transformational potential of the Full Moon at the otherworldly Star House!

Bridget and Bjorn are experts at creating and holding unconditional. safe. and magical. space, providing the opportunity to dive deep, release limiting patterns and connect with your true essence.

They are using ceremonial grade raw cacao from Bali as a heart opening and stress relieving agent.

Bjorn will be taking you on a profound journey through your inner landscapes – using the gong, crystal bowls, chimes and other expansive and healing sound modalities.

Bridget uses her voice and intuitive healing touch, including Vortex Healing modalities to further guide you into the center of your heart, where you access your deepest memory of who you are and why you are here.

Or – you can just sit back, enjoy the sounds that are shredding the fabric of reality and RELAX, welcoming the fuzzy feeling of coming back down from a long week at work. – You decide.

People typically come out of this event experiencing profound connection, clarity, direction and peace.


“Holy crap!!! That ceremony was insane. The energetic work I felt it do on my body was magical and transformational. I am in deep gratitude to you (Bridget) and Bjorn.”


Event Host: Bjorn Leonards

Co-sponsored by ASC

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