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What is a Cacao Ceremony?

We start out by sipping a cup of delicious, hot cacao (chocolate). We relax into a guided meditation, listen to ceremonial songs and let the beat of the drum take you deep within, while being connected to like-minded people and community.

All of this creates a magical, sacred space to do our ‘inner work’. As we begin to experience the heart opening effect of the cacao, we begin to feel the love deep within, and then the shamanic journey beings. Into a deep trance state we go. We connect with Spirit through our guides, beings of light, angels, power animals and more. Through this interactive dream, they share subtle messages to facilitate healing, creativity, clarity, awareness, inner knowing and expansive love.

The bonus of coming together as a group, as community, as friends, in this sacred place of ceremony, is that we create a beautiful, amazing vortex for Spirit to come through. This exponential amplifies the powerful energy that is channeled in to manifest our intentions. 

Welcome to all spiritual levels: beginners to advance. It is a fun experience to share with a friend and/or partner.

Co-sponsored by All Seasons Chalice

Please Carpool!


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