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Is there something you really want to create in your life but haven’t been able to yet?

Are you feeling rather isolated on your spiritual path?

Do you have a heartache that needs some TLC?

Are you unable to trust your intuition?

Are you curious to meet and work with your spirit guides or power animals?


Ceremonies and rituals have been performed for 1000’s of years. They serve to open the doors to the hidden realms, to mystery; where your prayers and dreams are heard; where you can manifest the best life has to offer and as well as receive healing. Deep richness is found in this magical place.


The ceremonial grade cacao quiets the monkey-mind and opens the heart. In combination with the drumming, singing and the potent vortex energy, you go into a deep trance, into the shamanic journey. It is like an interactive dream where you can ‘hear,’ ‘see,’ ‘taste’, ‘smell’ or ‘feel’ the subtle messages from your guides, power animals, angels, beings of light and more. You access the inner knowingness, healing and the guidance you so desire.


Welcome to all spiritual levels: beginners to advance. It is a fun experience to do with a friend so tag someone if you want them to come along.

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