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Path of the Ceremonial Arts

Path of the Ceremonial Arts (PCA) -> DISCONTINUED

From 1999 to 2017, Path of the Ceremonial Arts (PCA) was a ‘laboratory’ of the Divine Feminine where women came together to remember and co-create an authentic expression of women’s spirituality.

PCA was dedicated to

~ Empowering the Voice of the Divine Feminine

~ Remembering and Enlivening Ritual and Ceremony as a Sacred Art

~ Fostering Personal Transformation through Intention, Women’s Council and Rites of Passage

~ Developing Skills in Intuition, Divination and Sacred Art Forms

~ Connecting the Self with the Natural World through the Balance of Solar and Lunar Cycles and Self-Care Awareness

~ Actively Co-Creating a Community that envisions the World as a place of Peace and Unity


In the Path of the Ceremonial Arts (PCA) these dedications & the Feminine Mysteries were experienced and enlivened through sacred council, personal & group ritual, explorations in consciousness and cultivating each woman’s unique expression of the Divine Feminine. 


“In StarHouse, I found my spirit home & in PCA I found my people. In PCA I learned that I am  worthy of my power, I have the capacity to do anything I need to, I  deserve support from others, and I deserve to love and take care of  myself.  As a sister in the Chalice, I belong.”  ~Wendy Nelson

The Path of the Ceremonial Arts is, quite simply, a magical journey into my deepest wisdom and into connection with the Divine Feminine, a  journey that I could never have imagined.  I would recommend this path to any woman who feels that deep inner calling – you will find beautiful sisterhood, remembrance, and blossoming of your own unique representation of the sacred feminine.” ~Katie Wells