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Most people raised in the Western World have some kind of connection to the Grail Myth. It is a thread that weaves in and out of mystic pursuit and sacred knowing.  Traditionally, the story is held as a Hero’s Journey. At The StarHouse, we are seeking to share this story as one that balances the Masculine with the Feminine principles. We weave storytelling, ritual, and community connection with the discovery of Story in this sacred place.
Building on a longstanding tradition, the New Moons also have a new pulse coursing through them – a longing to reinvigorate our relationship with mythic stories, which nurture and assist us in this human being remembering our sacred purpose. How to serve in these times…and to ask, “who does the Grail serve?”

Starting in June, we embark on a months-long journey through the stories, follies, adventures, lessons and gifts of Parsifal, the Grail Castle and the Grail Queens…beginning at the beginning.

Please come prepared to be outside on the StarHouse land for part of the evening! Park at the lot atop the hill and enjoy the walk down (advise arriving ~10 min early to do so).

$15 per person
$10 for ASC Members
Sponsored by All Seasons Chalice


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