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We are in times of betwixt and between, change, possibility, and uncertainty; the perfect conditions for the initiation of the soul. Myth provides a map individually and collectively through such a transformation. In this workshop, join Darren Silver and Joshua Paquette for a day of storytelling and exploration of the fecundity of images, ritual, nature connection, and psychology. Please come with an open mind and an interest in a very old form of entertainment. One might even say that with the right help we may even craft a bit of beauty. 

Date: July 8th, 2018
Location: Starhouse, Sunshine Canyon, Boulder, CO
Time: 10-5pm with an hour break for lunch, chat, and rest
Cost: $85

A few discounted tickets are available for those enamored with story but on a strict budget. Please contact the organizers to inquire.


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