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All Seasons Chalice Mission

Providing sacred ground for spiritual and ceremonial practice based on a love of the Divine, honor for all beings, earth stewardship and seasonal and celestial community celebrations.

All Seasons Chalice & The StarHouse

All Seasons Chalice is a trans-denominational community of people dedicated to honoring the earth and all beings through ceremony, theatre, music, and dance. All Seasons Chalice takes its name from the changing seasons, and all other earthly and celestial cycles which the changing seasons symbolize. Chalice represents the cup of imagination that holds and gives form to the aspirations of the human heart.

The StarHouse is our sanctum and ceremonial center. It was constructed according to many of the traditional theories of cathedral and temple building, as well as ancient geometric principles of ideal symmetry, proportion and harmony. Its axis is aligned with the North Star. It is perfectly oriented to the four directions. It has 12 sides to represent astrologically all the cycles of manifestation, thereby making it a powerful healing space. StarHouse embodies in its structure the changing seasons, cycles of the moon and fluctuations in sunlight. All Seasons Chalice invites people of all faiths, races, and creeds to join us in celebrating the cosmic rhythms of change.


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