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Serving The StarHouse Community Through Ritual, Ceremony and Service

The ASC Ministerial body tends to the spiritual well-being of The StarHouse itself and the spiritual values inherent within the ASC Mission Statement. It is currently composed of eleven ordained men and women who, in addition to having personal ministries within and beyond ASC, devote a significant amount of their time to the spiritual needs of the temple and its parent non-profit organization.

Always and in all ways, the Ministerial body is tasked with being spiritually in-tune with the inmost heartbeat of The StarHouse and the spiritual powers it mediates. In times past this attunement was primarily expressed in the form of ceremonial leadership, course facilitation and congregational care.  Currently, the Ministerial body is oriented less toward the facilitation of public ceremonial facilitation and more toward the inner-care of ASC and The StarHouse itself.

If you are a member of ASC and in need of pastoral counseling, please orient yourself to the offerings of each of our Ministers and e-mail the ASC office ( with your request for contact.

JJ Booksh-Asnicar, CMT, Minister-at-Large

JJ embodies Priestess, Healer, Teacher, and Dancer and serves the Sacred Marriage of Heaven & Earth. JJ has a great respect for all of Life and believes every moment is Sacred. JJ was ordained in 2003 as an InterFaith Minister through All Seasons Chalice Church, the StarHouse and has served the StarHouse community since. JJ facilitated The Path of Ceremonial Arts at The StarHouse from 2004 until 2010. JJ also facilitated the Journey of the Feminine Program at the StarHouse from 2002 until 2004. She is a Massage Therapist and Reiki practitioner in private practice in Lyons, CO for the past 14 years where JJ enjoys working with people one on one. JJ is married to her beloved, Todd Asnicar & they live in the mountains outside of Lyons. JJ is an aerial dancer dedicating her art to the Sacred Marriage of the Divine Feminine meeting the divine Masculine in Balance. JJ is a co-founder of Ceremonies For Sacred Living,, a business which helps people and businesses mark transitions or significant milestones through ritual and ceremony. JJ is skillful at directing energy to empower authentic expression. Let me help you find your unique connection to the Divine!

Kate Carbone, R.R.T. , Minister-at-Large

Kate considers herself a modern-day mystic whose pursuit of truth and beauty has led her to explore many spiritual traditions. Unable to choose just one she found a home in the trans-faith community of The StarHouse/All Seasons Chalice Church where she graduated from the Path of Ceremonial Arts and was ordained a minister. At the StarHouse she has worked with the other Ministers to present ceremonies for Solstices, Equinoxes, Full and New Moons and she founded the Journey of the Feminine. Her family is the cornerstone of her world. She moved to Jamestown in 1984 to marry her husband, Skip. This is where they’ve made their home and raised their son, Chaz. As a nationally Registered Respiratory Therapist, Kate has worked in the acute care hospital setting since 1989. This work has given her the opportunity to help people breathe through life’s passages from birth to death, joy to grief. These universal experiences have led her to the deep belief that each moment we are given is sacred. Kate insists she is just like you…only different!

Lee Cook

Lee Cook, Minister-at-Large

Lee has worked in the field of ministry as a clarivoyant and spiritual counselor for over twenty-five years. Her specialty is helping people to have a relationship with their own Divine Guidance, through connection with the Angelic realms and spiritual worlds. She has had the great joy of working with spiritual seekers from all over the world. In 2010, Lee co-founded Adventurous Spirit Travel, a spiritual tour company, which hosts journeys to sacred sites around the world, and recently helped lead a group to Ireland. She has taught classes and workshops in Boulder, Japan, Sedona, and Washington, D.C.

Her book, The Angel Garden has been published in Japan and she also co-created the audio CD set; The Angels and The Stars for StarWisdom with her dear friend and fellow minister, David Tresemer. Lee lives in Boulder County with her beloved husband David, and budding artist daughter, Lily. For more information about Lee you can visit or

Timothy Dobson

Rev. Timothy Dobson, Core Minister

Timothy “Helps People Celebrate!” A facilitator at StarHouse events since the first Winter Solstice celebration in 1990, Timothy has conducted a sacred dance ministry through the Dances of Universal Peace at the StarHouse and several other locations along the Colorado Front Range for the past 24 years. Trained in Ceremonial Arts at Naropa University and completing a seminary program with the New Seminary in New York in 1991, he serves as minister to the community celebrations of the All Seasons Chalice and the weekly gatherings of SpiritKeepers Interfaith Fellowship in Boulder, CO. He is an innovative wedding officiant and especially enjoys co-creating custom services honoring marriage, remembrance, re-dedication and various rites of passage. Learn more about Timothy’s ministry at and the associated links.

Candice Knight, M.A., Core Minister

Candice is a Teacher, facilitator and caregiver. Candice is a “water steward” and devoted to awakening the remembrance of our deep connection to the element of sacred water through ceremony and social, political action. After 30 years of teaching children, parents, and other educators Candice was called to focus her attention on helping people create meaningful ceremony in their lives to mark the important transitions we all experience. Ceremonies for Sacred Living,, was born from this desire. Her joy is to co-create with others,helping to make sacred life’s threshold moments. She honors that each individuals path is sacred and connected to the whole. Candice is a graduate of the program Path of the Ceremonial Arts and was a facilitator of the program for eight years.

Circe Moss-MacDonald, Minister-at-Large (works remotely)

Circe was trained at the StarHouse, and was a ceremonialist and minister there until 2005. Since then, she has taken her ministry into Iowa and Pennsylvania, where she currently lives with her husband, Andy, and daughter, Phoebe. In Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Circe facilitates a sacred circle for women, teaches healing and sacred arts to the community and has acted as the resident ceremonialist for events at the Dickinson College Farm. She has lead rituals at Four Quarters Interfaith Sanctuary in western Pennsylvania, and with Andy she co-leads Itty Bitty Boogie, a movement class for small children and their caregivers. She can be seen clowning around town, as Zero the Fool, when the rabble needs rousing. Circe takes great joy in helping couples create the wedding ceremonies of their dreams.

Sally Nurney

Sally Nurney has been interested in magical living throughout her life. She earned a BFA in painting, which she sought as training in self-expression. Sally mentors women in the “Path of the Ceremonial Arts” (PCA) at The StarHouse, helping them to create and strengthen their connection to the unseen realms. She also works with girls and young women, to help them maintain their magical connection to life. Along with mentoring, tarot readings and instruction, Sally works through direct understanding of the stars, offering Astrological Readings as well as bimonthly meditations for the new and full moons. These “Sidereal Insights” are available at
Sally dreams that people everywhere find the courage to unveil their True Selves and live in their divinity, as they define it. She seeks opportunities to serve this wherever they arise! Sally lives in the Rocky Mountain foothills with her super hero husband, artist and sacred geometer, Jerry Gehringer.

Anastacia Nutt, M.A., Minister-at-Large (works remotely)

Anastacia’s life’s work began when she sought to help heal the gap between capitalism, the natural world and public health; toward this end she worked 11 years as an Environmental Economist. Honoring her family lineage, in 1995 she began her work as a Seer endeavoring to bridge the gap between human and spiritual consciousness. In 1997, she joined Earthstar Community to help to create the ceremonial and meditation programs at The StarHouse in Boulder, Colorado. Fueled by her love of primal, transformational ritual Lila Sophia, Katharine and she co-founded The Path of the Ceremonial Arts (PCA) for women in 1999. Lila and she later co-founded PCA for men in 2005 and the American/Arab/Israeli Women of Vision (WOV) program in 2004. From 2003-8, she worked as the Administrative Director of The StarHouse. In 2009 she left Boulder to travel and teach with her beloved partner R.J. Stewart, noted Scottish author and teacher. Today her passions continue to focus on healing and bridging the gaps between humankind & the natural and spirit worlds. To her there is no greater service and no greater need. She devotes her time to the Western Esoteric Tradition, the Inner Temples/Inner Convocation®, developing workshops, writing books and teaching the distance learning program Priest & Priestess Arts for the 21st Century. Currently R.J. and she happily spend their time traveling and teaching in America, Britain and Israel.

Katharine Roske, Minister-at-Large (works remotely)

Katharine is a social pioneer, educator, author, ceremonialist and grandmother has a life long commitment to co-creating a planetary culture that is a living embodiment of sacred union… an expression of our spiritual essence. As founding partner and steward of Hummingbird Community in northern New Mexico, she has developed and facilitated programs for the past 15 years focused on co-creative community building, conscious evolution and empowered youth leadership. Katharine’s interest in the cultivation of the Divine Feminine inspired her to join fellow ministers Lila Tresemer and Anastacia Nutt in the founding of the Path of the Ceremonial Arts for Women. Her on-going passion for integral education and cultural exchange found expression in co-directing the Children’s Torch of Hope Tour across America, co-facilitating the International Children’s Summit on Human Rights, co-founding Shining Mountain Waldorf School and the Earth Guardian Youth Group. With Carolyn Anderson she co-authored The Co-Creator’s Handbook: an Experiential Guide for Discovering your Life’s Purpose and Building a Co-Creative Society. This is a foundational guidebook in the formation of Hummingbird and is used throughout the world by social pioneers who are collectively birthing a new world. Her current passion is to support threshold crossings be it birth, death or any of the important transitions during a lifetime. Family is core to her life. Together with her husband, Makasha Roske, Katharine has 8 children, 21 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren!

David Tresemer, Ph.D., Core Minister (works remotely in winter)

David has a doctorate in psychology. He co-founded the StarHouse in Boulder, Colorado, for community gatherings and workshops of various kinds – from music to personal development – in 1989 (complete in 1990).
A diverse writer; his works ranging widely, including The Scythe Book: Mowing Hay, Cutting Weeds, and Harvesting Small Grains with Hand Tools, what he calls spiritual horticulture, War in Heaven: Accessing Myth Through Drama, Signs in the Heavens: A Message for Our Time (with William Bento and Robert Schiappacasse), Star Wisdom & Rudolf Steiner: A Life Seen Through the Oracle of the Solar Cross. With his wife, Lila, David has co-authored the DVD, Couple’s Illumination, the DVD, Brain Illumination, and One-Two-ONE: A Guidebook for Conscious Partnerships, Weddings, and Rededication Ceremonies as well as several plays, including My Magdalene (winner of Moondance 2004, Best Script), Darwin in the Dreaming. “We can say with some authority that writing plays together, where every word must be perfect for the moment, can test a partnership!” With Lila, he co-founded Healing Dreams Retreat Centre in Australia ( He has also founded and conceived of and wrote the Oracle of the Solar Cross, relating to the heavenly imprint received on a person’s day of birth. David enjoys writing and presenting stories (see Star Stories at ) that unveil the actions of the planets on human lives, and help people find more authentic relationships with each other. More info at His astrological work can be found at our companion site

Lila Sophia Tresemer, Core Minister (works remotely in winter)

Lila is a writer, producer, certified mediator (with Mediators Beyond Borders) and a yoga instructor. She lives both in Boulder and in Australia, on Flinders Island in Tasmania. David and Lila are establishing a co-creative living community there called Mountain Seas ( Her primary life vision relates to the emerging Feminine Mysteries and how to bring that awareness into Divine Partnership and Sacred Union—both in intimate relationships, but also in regards to right relationship with the planet.
Some recent projects have included:
• Don’t Go Back to Sleep, a Novel
• One-Two-ONE, a Guide to Conscious Partnerships—with David Tresemer
• StarHouse: Minister and Co-Founder of The Path of Ceremonial Arts
• Playwright and producer of Modern Mythic Dramas with David Tresemer (especially as these plays related to the Feminine Path—including Mary Magdalen, Inanna, and the Cathars of Southern France— Darwin and the Dreamtime, a play involving Indigenous wisdom and Western science)