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Saturday, 9:00 – 5:00 Healthy vegetarian lunch included

Sunday 9:00 – 12:30

During this 2-day journey you’ll practice intentional living so you can BE in the now. In turn, you’ll connect with your true self, access divine wisdom, and unlock abundance, freedom and happiness.

Over this trans-formative weekend you will discover how to use intentional living practices to live fully in the NOW. As a result you’ll dissolve anxiety, shift emotional blocks and erase limiting beliefs so you can fulfill your destiny and express your true self.

You’ll leave this immersive retreat with a clear vision for your life along with the practices and inner guidance to make the transformation you’ve longed for finally possible.

You’ll experience presence practices that deepen your connection to your physical, emotional and spirit body. These practices root you in the now and create the space and stillness needed for dynamic healing. Through deep presence, you’ll ignite a dialogue with your inner spirit. This unlocks profound self-trust so you can move forward in life without limitations.

Practices and activities include:
• Positive psychology
• Emotional clearing
• Financial happiness
• Movement (ex. Qi Gong, dance, play)
• Intentionality practices
• Heart opening through breathwork and cacao ceremony
• Deep connection with the elements

About Finnian and Sydney:
Finnian is committed to living intentionally in every moment to align with his true self and fulfill his Personal Legend – to heal and awaken through intentionality and BEing in the now so others feel inspired to do the same. He is an impact-driven entrepreneur, keynote speaker, financial happiness expert and a Certified Emotional Clearing Facilitator.

Sydney is devoted to approaching every day with childlike wonder and enchantment and fulfilling her Personal Legend – to share joy and healing so that others are inspired to live more creative and intentional lifestyles full of love. She is a social entrepreneur, Certified Emotional Clearing Facilitator, and cacao ceremonialist.

We look forward to igniting your own magic through intentionality!




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