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We invite you to join us in connecting at the deepest levels of our beings. We will create one powerful resonate field through the miraculous breath, consciously creating the world we know is possible. These intentions will be amplified and rippled out through the StarHouse portal and our coherent heart field, where there are no limitations.  This will be a magical evening with a full breathwork journey and dance to follow, all supported by live music from Larisa Gosla and other guest musicians.

☆ The StarHouse was co-founded and constructed by a small group of people dedicated to the principles of Sacred Geometry, StarWisdom, Sacred Union, Mythical Theatre and Community Ceremony. This beautiful, land-based temple was built between 1989-90. Since then it has served as a sacred meeting place for humanity and the Divine as a living temple offering itself to the world in the spirit of Trans-denominational spirituality and the unity of all faiths and traditions.

Space is limited to 35 people – TICKETS

Heal physical pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, trauma, etc at the root cause with this powerful breathing technique, circular-connected breathing. You will enter into a deeply relaxed meditative state with ease, where stuck energy and subconscious patterns naturally release. No experience required! The technique brings your entire being into resonance with thriving health, limitless creativity, and profound levels of clarity.

The session is done lying down and releases stagnant energy, which is often the root cause of stress and illness.

This specific technique called circular-connected breathing is a powerful inner journey that releases

-Inhibited breathing patterns
-Limiting subconscious conditioning
-Tension/stress patterns
-Physical pain
-Birth/womb trauma
-Creative blocks
-and so much more

Rhythmical breathing brings us into harmonious vibration with nature, which allows our entire being to naturally heal and integrate anything out of balance. Breathing is the most effective way to access Prana in its freest form, and by storing this life-force energy, we tap into our latent powers and radiant health.

We are not just breathing the oxygen in the air, which is appropriated by the blood and carried to all parts of the body to heal and replenish the entire system, but also Prana or ‘life-force’, which is appropriated by the nervous system to aid in thinking, willing, acting, etc. One who has mastered the science of storing away Prana, either consciously or unconsciously, often radiates vitality and health.

Inner Light Revival was founded by a brother/sister duo, Aja Rose & Danny Balgooyen, who feel passionate about creating sacred containers for authentic heart opening experiences through breath, movement, music, and nature. Their approach inspires others to find transformation from within, which often ignites a deeper connection with others and nature. 

Larisa Gosla has been singing since she was 5. She has been blessed to have travelled the world nationally and internationally sharing her music and gifts. She is a multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter who has been said to have a voice like a “soulful angel.” Her music consists of messages of unity, empowerment, and unconditional love. She will capture you with her heart-drenched lyrics of truth, well-wishes, songs of prayer, and anthems for Earth and All of Life.

She released her second album in 2019 and is blessed to have Max Ribner from Medicine For The People featured on “One Heart, One Tribe.” She recently collaborated with a producer from Argentina, Mato, and their song is playing on radio stations across Latin America and gaining fans on Spotify.

For live performances, Larisa uses a range of instruments such guitar, calabasse, frame drum, handpan, crystal bowls, and a looping pedal with her live musical performances that range from organic stripped down music to songs with cascading harmonies and affirmations to utilizing fully produced backing tracks for her larger and more produced songs.

Along with sharing her music, Larisa also offers Transformational Vocal Coaching Programs, called “Vocal Resonance”, and Drum and Song courses where she fuses her years of professional experience and training, hypnotherapy, sound healing, and coaching into programs designed to empower others to have a joyous, confident, liberated, and loving relationship with their vocal and musical expression.
Her next Drum and Song 101 Course starts December 5th!

Feel free to listen to her music on Spotify or see more about her here:

Other Guest Musicians will include:
Danielle Savino- calabasse and percussion
Alex Bernat- harp


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