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History of The StarHouse

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All Seasons Chalice & The StarHouse were co-founded and constructed by a small group of people dedicated to the principles of Sacred Geometry, StarWisdom, Sacred Union, Mythical Theatre and Community Ceremony. This beautiful, land-based temple was built between 1989-90. Since then we’ve served as a sacred meeting place for humanity and the Divine as a living temple offering itself to the world in the spirit of Trans-denominational spirituality and the unity of all faiths and traditions. We have served spiritual seekers in the Front Range and beyond for over 20 years and welcome you.


Sacred Geometry

The StarHouse is a temple designed and built with the principles of Sacred Geometry at its core. Constructed in 1990, it is 12-sided, aligned perfectly to the four directions.
Based on the geometry of the Flower of Life (intersecting circles create a vesica piscis where the circles overlap), and integrated with the map of the chakras, The StarHouse resonates with energy, physically and spiritually.

Vesica Piscis Design

StarHouse Floor

The StarHouse under construction reveals the 12-sided foundation.
The interior is spacious and empty. Each event at The StarHouse is able to fill it with the appropriate energy for that particular purpose. The ‘core events’ include Solar Celebrations (Solstices and Equinoxes); Lunar events (Full and New Moons); and The Path of the Ceremonial Arts Program. Many groups rent the space for public and private events, like weddings.

StarHouse Interior