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Saturday & Sunday Retreat and Monday evening “taster”

Experience a unique meditation and authentic relating retreat using a custom technology platform designed to connect us more deeply to ourselves and each other. This will be a deep exploration of modern technology as a sacred tool, in harmony with expert human facilitation, to bring us closer to our hearts, breath, and the depths of what it means to be human.

The tech, called the GroupFlow Project, uses advanced sensors to measure what’s happening in the breath and heart, then turns that data into light, sound and music acting as a form of collective self awareness. The group can merge into collective synchronized breathing, hear each other’s heartbeat’s, explore new tech augmented approaches to meditation and much more. The whole experience can accommodate up to 24 people at a time, and will be led by our gifted meditation teacher Day Nguyen who was a monastic disciple and attendant of Thich Nhat Hanh for ten years, in addition to studying Chinese Medicine, various forms of trauma healing, and has run many dozens of meditation retreats. Along with Day and other facilitators we have brought over 1200 people through the GroupFlow experience, including over two months of retreat time at Esalen in Big Sur.

During sessions everyone will be wearing either a breath sensor which straps around the waist, or a pulse sensor that consists of three sticky electrodes on the torso. In some cases the technology will augment familiar meditation or relational practices such as focused attention on the breath augmented with the sound of your own breath, or eye gazing practice while hearing another person’s heartbeat. In other cases the practices will be more uniquely tech enabled, such as getting real-time Heart Rate Variability feedback, or enabling the whole group to emergently find its resonant breath frequency.

At its heart, the purpose of the tech, and the purpose of this retreat, will be to connect us more intimately to our human experience, individually and collectively. This is less about an advanced formula for quantifying group connection, and more learning how to feel, to be embodied, and to be real with ourselves and each other.

Unfortunately we dont currently have any fancy marketing videos or websites. We’ve been mostly focused on developing the tech and the experience. But here are a few things to satisfy deeper curiosity:

To get a visual sense of the project you can find some unedited videos here:

To get a deeper sense of the spirit of the project, take a listen to this opening talk by project founder Mikey Siegel at Esalen in July of 2019:

The GroupFlow project and the retreat are spearheaded by Mikey Siegel as part of Consciousness Hacking which is a global community focused on supporting the use and development of modern tools to support healing and spiritual awakening.

Retreat Schedule:
Saturday, Sep 7:
note: lunch will be provided, please arrive by 9:30 to settle in for a 10:00am start time

9:30 Arrival and registration

10:00-1:00 Session 1

1-2:30 . Lunch

2:30-5:00 Session 2

5:00 Closing

Sunday Sept 8:
note: please eat before arriving, dinner and snacks will be provided, late evening session is optional

11:30 Arrival and settling in

12:00-2:00 Session 1

2:00-2:30 Break

2:30-4:30 Session 2

4:30-5:00 Break

5:00-6:30 Session 3

6:30-8:00 Dinner

8:00-9:00 Session 4

9:00 Closing



Scholarships tickets are available. Please contact mikey:


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