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If you are feeling anxious and maybe burnt out by the long hot summer, this is the perfect time to come back to center.

We are celebrating Equinox – the day of perfect balance – day between the hot and intense summer months and fall with its harvest and overall slowing down aspects.

It’s easy to miss the harvest, the fruits of our labor if we don’t take out the speed.

We are living in times where rushing, striving and being busy is popular.

And sometimes it’s hard to go against the frantic rush of mainstream.

That’s why we are gathering here at the most magical Star House – to slow down together – in order to make ourselves available for the streaming in of insights and guidance as we are vibrationally clearing out the vessel of our bodies.

We are allowing the ease, the peace, the effortless flow to enter and nourish us, making room for harvesting an all new and upleveled version of ourselves, connecting with purpose and joy.

Bridget and Bjorn create and hold unconditional, safe and magical space.

While Bjorn is taking you on a profound sound journey through your inner landscapes, Bridget uses her voice and intuitive healing touch in order to release stuck patterns and believes.

The cacao serves as a heart opening agent so we can receive profound guidance and reconnect with our inner wisdom.

People typically come out of this event experiencing profound connection, clarity, direction and peace.



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