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Sacred Earth Tending (SET) program

–  If you want the opportunity to deepen your connection to the Earth and tend sacred sites on StarHouse land through ceremony, and physical and energetic exchange between individuals, community, and a specified sacred site.

Membership Drive

–  Help us to introduce new people to the StarHouse and build our community.


–  The ASC Keepers are invested volunteers who receive specialized training to competently provide physical care, spiritual care, and protection for The StarHouse, its surrounding lands, structures, event facilitators and event participants.

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Membership Options

StarHouse Ally – Donate any amount
Members receive:
– Connection to The StarHouse, energetic and fiscal support for programs, subscription to The Shooting Star newsletter, free attendance to 1 core ASC event.

StarHouse Friend – $10 per month or $120 per year
Members receive all Ally benefits PLUS:
– Free admission to Solstice, Equinox and Full Moon ceremonies.
– 1 guest pass
– 10% discount at Retreat Cabin rentals.

StarHouse Advocate – Individual: $15 per month or $200 per year. Couples/Family: $23 per month or $300 per year.
Members receive benefits of Friend Level PLUS:
– Discounted admission to New Moon ceremonies.
– 4 guest passes for a core event.
– Access to the land for personal meditation and ritual as available.

StarHouse Steward – $40 per month or $500 per year.
All Advocate benefits PLUS:
– 1 free night at the Retreat Cabin.
– A holiday tree of your choice from the StarHouse forest.
– Invitation to a private energy intensive, deepening into StarHouse
– Have your name offered to the land during our annual nurturing ceremony.

StarHouse Entrepreneur – $167 per month or $2000 per year (upon approval of the StarHouse Board).
All Steward benefits PLUS:
– Submit your mission statement and receive endorsement of your work/business.
– Have your business in The Shooting Star newsletter.
– 1 work week access to the StarHouse for your program offering.

StarHouse Supernova – $417 per month or $5000 per year.
All Entrepreneur benefits PLUS:
– A private ritual in the StarHouse for you and your loved ones.
– Your personal Solar Cross reading.
– A tour of the Sacred Sites on the land guided by the founder of the StarHouse.


“StarHouse is where people come home to themselves and to the earth. It is a sanctuary of deep peace and aliveness at the same time. StarHouse creates a relationship with each and every person who walks into it regardless of that person’s spiritual practices, religious background, or dogma. There is no place like it on earth.” ~Tiffany Johnson 

“The StarHouse/All Seasons Chalice offers me deep and healthy community as well as personal and spiritual growth to help heal the challenges in our world and environment.” ~Kathleen Mayberry