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Immediate Shelter for Refugees

Please help complete the renovation of a large facility to house and provide human services to refugees on the Greek island of Leros.  If you are feeling overwhelmed by the magnitude of the current refugee  crisis, here is a concrete way we can make a difference in the lives of thousands of courageous and traumatized people, on their way to what we all hope will be better lives.   There is only a 6’x10′  storeroom with no light to operate from, making distribution of necessities for 400-800 new arrivals each day close to impossible.  The renovation has already begun but we have run out of funds to complete the work and open the doors. The need is urgent and completely achievable with your support.

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Uganda Malaria and Health Care

Uganda is overwhelmed with epidemics of malaria, tuberculosis, dysentery, pneumonia, meningitis, intestinal parasites, AIDS and an appalling death rate. The intention of this project is to provide clinical skills and resources in the form of money, medicines, and equipment/ supplies to the Kisiizi Hospital for use in fighting these diseases.

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The Sanctuary of Avalon

A private, transdenominational sanctuary of silence located in the US and UK. It supports and is maintained by practitioners of the Inner Temples and Inner Convocation® work developed by R.J. Stewart and shared with Anastacia Nutt, ASC Minister. The spiritual mission of The Sanctuary of Avalon is to foster a direct and enduring relationship between humanity and Divinity, through meditation and spiritual mediation. This current work is built upon the spiritual foundation for The Sanctuary of Avalon initiated by A.R. Heaver and Polly Wood, between 1950 and 1980. For more information on the fund and its work, email RJ Stewart at

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