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Communion with the Season: Honoring Connection with TheStarHouse

Autumn Equinox marks a deepening into the quiet season, celebrating the harvest time and coming into stillness. It is earth’s moment to be in between—weaving light and dark into balance. Equilibrium is point where things can change. It is an opportunity to invoke balance, harmony and communion of opposites. In our work, honoring Christos/Sophia, we will celebrate the Communion of the Four Directions.

An opportunity for sacred ritual emerges at Equinox and Solstice; we invite you to come co-create this opportunity to honor the blessed being of Sacred Feminine in communion with the Sacred Masculine.
The weaving will include innovations with Sacred Geometry, movement and deep healing ritual. We are invoking the intention for Earth Healing and balance during these times, and invite you to bring your Ceremonial Self into the co-creation!

Facilitated by David and Lila Sophia Tresemer, with Debbie and Ed Burns, Candice Knight and others!
Members $10, Non-members: Adult $15


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