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Includes distribution of Bio-Dynamic Sprays around special sites
Saturday, June 23rd — 5:15-7:15  $15 donation, $20 for a family.
Bring your children for a picnic on the land, a guided walk through Labyrinth, a trip to Mary’s Well and the Double Tetrahedron—Swing at the Grandfather Tree!
Come enjoy the beauty of nature in a Solstice celebration to formally greet the arrival of summer. We give thanks to the Earth by deepening into  her bounty and offering our love and gratitude. Through prayer, offerings and our presence we connect with this seasonal celebration by visiting two of the  Sacred Sites on the land.  We will share the engaging practice of creating a water-vortex to charge Bio-Dynamic preparations that will be sprinkled around the sacred sites, connecting with Nature Spirits and the unseen world. What seeds are vibrating and growing within us that can be fed at this sacred time? 
Arrive by 5:00 with your picnic basket for a 5:30 Sacred Sites walk. 
We will make spaces for picnics for those who want to have friend and family time: from 5:15 to 6:00.  Then we will create a joyful pilgrimage to the Well and the Labyrinth.  DRESS FOR SUMMER FUN! Bring tambourines and drums! 
If you would like, you can continue the summer celebration with music and dance with Scott and Shanti Medina and Gayan Gregory Long starting at 7:15 on the upper dance ground. (An additional donation to this event would be appropriate.)
Hosted by All Seasons Chalice
Please Carpool from 4th and Mapleton!  



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