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John Lockley is our guest all the way from South Africa. He will lead the group in Heart-Beat Meditation practice, which involves moving like the Leopard from Stillness to Shaking, from head to toe. The Leopard is one of the main totem animals in Southern Africa amongst traditional healers because it represents raw, primal intelligence and intuitive understanding. In South Africa, the medicine people don’t speak about mindfulness but rather the art of listening. First, we listen to our own hearts then we watch the wind and the animals around us.

This retreat will be conducted as a ceremony, with chanting, dancing and meditating. A key intention behind John’s teaching is ‘uvula indlela’, opening the road i.e. teaching people how to find their purpose or calling in life through listening to their hearts, dreams and intuition.

In order to listen effectively we need to stimulate our nervous system and WAKE UP. The retreat will involve trance dancing or ‘shaking medicine’ where John will show people how to energise their spines to awaken their intuition. “In order to feel like the leopard, we need to move and dance like the leopard”.

If you want to learn about this remarkable culture and dance and chant in an ancient way then please join us for this unique event.



Pre-registration is required. Registration is $95 and can be paid at A limited number of discounted tickets will be offered to those experiencing financial hardship. Contact Michael at 406-360-6111 for more information.


Private Sessions          

John offers private divination sessions to clients where he ‘throws the bones’ in the old Xhosa & Zulu way to help people discover their calling and purpose in the world. He will be available after the retreat for healings, divinations and counselling/ mentorship. Contact Michael at 406-360-6111 for information and scheduling.


Biography on John Lockley

John Lockley was one of the first white men in recent history to complete the rigorous apprenticeship to become a senior sangoma in the same tribe as Nelson Mandela, the Xhosa nation. He apprenticed for 10 years under his teacher MaMngwevu, a Xhosa medicine woman in the rural areas of South Africa.

John also has a background in Zen Buddhism. He holds an Honours degree in Clinical Psychology and served as a military medic towards the end of Apartheid in 1991. Today he travels the world leading ‘Ubuntu’ (humanity) retreats where he teaches people how to connect to their spirits, hearts, dreams, ancestors, one another and the natural world.

  • The book, ‘Leopard Warrior’ and Audio teachings, ‘The Way of the Leopard’, both produced by Sounds True, will be available for purchase. Even before publication, his book is receiving praise by many including Sandra Ingerman, Jack Kornfield, and includes a foreword by Malidoma Some. Video on John’s new book

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Please be aware that these techniques are powerful and have the ability to increase your emotions and ability to feel. In traditional South African ceremonies, all feelings whether positive or negative are seen as a good sign and indicate that the medicine is working. John is a simple guide and is not responsible for your emotional well-being. Please take full responsibility for your inner work.


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