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As Spring returns to both the Front Range and to the Northern Hemisphere, a new cycle of birth and renewal is upon us. The arrival of Spring means the return of LIGHT to our world and our lives and with it, the hard work of releasing old patterns and survival a long winter in balance and presence resolves into a new cycle of creation.

The arrival of Spring is a joyous thing for most of us. And there IS cause for celebration, for YES(!) we are ALIVE! The expectations of what we can plan, create and grow is SO very present, and oftentimes, we can be giddy about what we see in our futures and charge ahead unthinking. But, it’s good to not get ahead of ourselves, and take a moment to reflect – on the beauty of what it is to even BE human and the preciousness of all of our creations. In fact, nothing can be created at all, without the container in which the created can be, can flourish and can experience this dream we call “LIFE”. That container is feminine in nature, it is the womb of all creation and we will honor that in our journey.

Please join us for this magic carpet ride of sound where we ceremonially celebrate the full onset of Spring here at the StarHouse by honoring the East direction of the medicine wheel. We will welcome Spring in fully and honor the feminine void from which everything comes. We will also reflect on what we each want to create in this coming turn around the Medicine Wheel, for ourselves, our communities and for our rapidly changing world. What part do YOU wish to play in this dream we call “life” this year? What will be the medicine that you will bring to the world? I would like to request (if you feel called to do so) to please bring some sort of symbol of something that you would like to create for yourself or your family and for our world in the coming year, and place that symbol on our gong altar during the event.

Colorado musician and sound healer Jim Lanpheer will lead a 90-minute shamanic sound journey with these themes in mind using three gongs, flutes, Tibetan bowls and other assorted sonic surprises. The requested donation is $25. Reservations can be made by emailing Jim at jlanpheer (at) or at @BlissinsSound on Facebook. Please bring a pad/pillow, wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring ritual objects and symbols for the gong altar.


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