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The StarHouse has celebrated Spring Equinox in the extended community for over 26 years. This year marks a special year of transition as we are initiating a movement in shifting stewardship. 

Come join us in marking this passage as we honor the spring balance point of the exuberant light of day and the glorious dark of night – just days following the New Moon (Mar 17).

Spring equinox has, for millennia, marked an observation point of Time, a mainstay in our lives and that to which we set the rhythms of our days. 

Through a telling of the fairy tale Briar Rose, we will dance the spectrum of our human relationship with time and timelessness. 

All are welcome to join us for this celestial communion – coming together via story, ritual and celebration in step with the Earth’s cycles.  In the months that follow, we will continue this tradition with each New Moon. 

Cost: $15 at the door or $14 in advance:

Be sure to wear sturdy shoes and dress warmly!             



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