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We invite you to join us for November NEW MOON.

This StarHouse tradition prepares us for the darker months ahead! Doors are open to everyone called to commune with the sacred through Story Enactment, Astrology, Ritual and Relevance!

StarHouse is nestled upon rolling meadows and rock faces 10 minutes from Boulder on land that has been held sacred for nearly 30 years. 

Join our growing community as we explore and embody important myths and stories for our times.

This Series is a cocreation of David and Lila Tresemer, Darren Silver, Corin Blanchard, Ixeeya Beacher, and Steve Dedrick – who all have a deep relationship with this Temple, Land, and the energies that run through it…

$15 for general public $10 for ASC members

Tickets are available at the door or in advance:


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