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Re-connect with your Personal Purpose
Re-weave that Purpose together with an aligned Community of shared Vision and Intention
Co-create a contemplation and meditation that focuses on issues that affect the Greater Whole (of which we are all a part, and which we paradoxically Contain.)

During this powerful and experiential weekend, we will:
• Explore the Sophia-Gnostic Creation story
• Discover StarWisdom insights: Alignment with your exact degree of the Sun’s Position at your birth, and the connecting with the solar image of that day
• Work with the Trines of the 4 Elements using the StarHouse template of Sacred Geometry
• Co-create transformative meditations and processes that we can carry into daily life.

Join us for all or part of this transformational weekend September 28-October 1:
Thurs Night at 7pm: Sophia-Gnostic Creation story (public welcome) $15
Friday Night at 7pm: Finding Personal Purpose (public welcome) $15
Saturday & Sunday (10 am 5 pm) Everything else! (attendance atthe first two evening sessions) $150


Questions? Contact Lila Sophia Tresemer

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