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The Song Carriers Women’s Circle is a multi-generational and intercultural collective of sisterhood through song. The circle is dedicated to holding and nurturing ancestral Earth songs as well as birthing and activating new songs of the Earth while weaving a creative communal space of prayer, dance, and ritual around a central water altar. The group is led by Madi Sato and meets in alignment with the new Moon, honoring the energies and invitations particular to this specially charged time. The session is led through an oral body-centered approach and feels more like an inspired ceremony than a technical class and empowers women to free their natural, intuitive voices for the benefit of the sacred waters and all earthly beings. 

The Song Carriers Women’s Circle requires no prior experience with singing or dancing! Car-pooling is encouraged. 


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And this is a message from Madi:

Women can pay and register at this link on my website. I feel $40 is reasonable for a three hour session but if there are sisters in financial need I am open to a sliding scale upon request. I want to make these sessions everywhere I go accessible to all women not based on their finances. We need all women who are called to sing in this way to be there. It is very important and timely according to Grandmother Flordemayo who I spoke with yesterday. There is a call to heal the Earth and all earth beings with the gifts we have…the Song Carriers Women’s Circle empowers women’s voices and awakens their essential connection to the Earth. We remember who we are when we sing ancestral songs!


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