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at The StarHouse

With David and Lila Sophia Tresemer

BY DONATIONS ($10-15 recommended)

Weaving the energies of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, through the Heavens and the Earth, we, as Humans in the realm of the Sacred Heart, can learn how to become the most powerfully grounded and embodied energies for this crucial time on Earth.
An opportunity to work the instrument of the StarHouse – to learn Star Wisdom in relation to Sophia. All couched in conscious relationships (which Lila and I present at

Bring your birth date, place, and time (if you have it) if you would like to see the imprint at your first-breath.

Please pass on to others who might be interested. Donation basis, as it’s important that deep curiosity come to sample this work.


July 5: Wed.  7:00  

July 12: Wed.  7:00

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3476 Sunshine Canyon Dr.




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