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Greetings beloved spiritual community,

We would like to offer you the blessed opportunity to join us for an exciting new ceremony at the beautiful and sacred StarHouse in Boulder! Together, we will learn how to powerfully, yet effortlessly, create and achieve anything and everything that
we want out of life.

By connecting to love and gratitude, and using the power of conscious intention, we can magnetize ourselves and manifest that which we most desire. By aligning our consciousness with our higher self and higher purpose, we can tap into the organic
flow of life and receive divine inner guidance.

Our ceremony will begin with an introduction about the spirit world, the heart-opening effects of the sacred cacao plant, and the use of crystals as tools. In a guided meditation, accompanied by shamanic drumming and chanting, everyone will be
encouraged to connect with their higher selves, the Earth, and what they desire to manifest in their lives. Our delicious raw cacao love potion will then be shared, and participants can experience opening their subtle energy fields to receive inner
guidance and experience higher states of awareness, a renewed sense of happiness, and inner peace.

During the second part of our ceremony, we will lead everyone in performing guided ancient movements. These sacred movements are simple but magical, and will help us
to reconcile duality into unity and oneness with all of life. This flows into a visualization of actively stepping through our own doorway into the new, and realigning ourselves with the stars. Then, a guided Sufi dance, spinning ourselves and creating a vortex of energy, will connect us with source energy as we bring magic and manifestation into our own space. Finally, participants will be invited to share their experiences, and we will close the ceremony in the spirit of love and gratitude.

Since we are also celebrating Earth Day and International Water Day within a few weeks of our ceremony, we intend to honor these sacred elements in our ceremony and bring them into harmony within ourselves. Thus, everyone who attends our event will receive a free Rose Quartz crystal to take home, so that they can continue to apply what they have learned during the ceremony. Furthermore, proceeds from the event will benefit education and water protection by TrueSpring “water quality solutions”.

$15-30 suggested donation ($10 for students with ID)

The StarHouse is surrounded by beautiful nature with amazing views of Boulder. The address is 3476 Sunshine Canyon Dr., Boulder, CO 80302. Please carpool so we can preserve the pristine environment!

Infinite love and eternal gratitude,
Simona & Nakuta

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