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There is a voice that is in all things… a Life Force that drums its rhythm in every fiber of all beings on Earth. This Life Force provides us with a constant reminder of how we are all connected, how we are the Earth. Making a drum in a sacred manner connects us to this force of the animals, the trees, the elements, and the spirit of the drum. When these beings are brought together a new life is born- a sacred drum.

When we drum, we remember our beginnings, we remind ourselves of our oneness, we remember how to pray and heal, and we connect with our place in the Life-Web.

Come and make your own drum in a sacred manner. Even if you are not used to creating things with your hands, you will
walk away from this workshop with a beautiful, personal drum. In this journey we explore the rhythm around and within us that
is in the Circle of Life. The elements that are part of all beings are invited to sit in council with us. We form a kinship with the
trees and animals who have come to us. We open our hearts so we may hear the guidance of our ancestors and the lessons
from the spirits of the drums.

With our muscles we pull the fibers of the hides to stretch them so they will bring out the voice of our new companions and we
honor their new existence. At the end of the journey, we bless the birth of these special drums, and we give thanks to our
Mother Earth for Her gifts.

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Workshop Logistics
The drum style you will make in this workshop is generally called an Earth drum, and also known as a hoop or
frame drum, as seen in the pictures on this flyer. There are four different sizes of drums you can make:

20″ drum $290 18″ drum $260 15″-16″ drum $230 13″ drum $195

These prices include all materials, equipment, the workshop fee, a vegetarian lunch, snacks and water. If you have any
questions about the content of the workshop, call or e-mail Franco: 516 343-3210
The hides are blessed and permission is given from the spirit of the animal before we are granted its gift.
Sacred Drum-Making Workshop
June, 24th, 2017
9 am – 4:30 pm
3476 Sunshine Canyon Dr. Boulder, CO 80302
Hosted By: Jeanne Pittman 303-915-3325
Jill LaLiberte 303-482-6133

To register: or Make your non-refundable check payable to Franco Marini. You may make either a full payment now or ½ now and ½ the day of the workshop and mail the check to:
4385 South Balsam Street
Suite 5-203
Denver, CO 80123

Teacher: Franco Marini is the owner of Thunder Spirit, an organization dedicated to enriching and empowering individuals and the environment. He supports people in sharing their gifts and brilliance with others to help bring balance, harmony, and joy to the world. Franco is a native of Italy and grew up in a small village where many of his teachings came from spirit guides and from the Earth. By using a variety of lessons and teachings from several sources, he brings forth the wisdom of the Ancient Ones who lived throughout the world and supports people in working with the ancestors of their own lineage and culture. He has traveled extensively throughout, Canada, the U.S., Europe, Central and South America, and has helped hundreds of people make ceremonial drums.  Through his workshops, classes, drumming circles, individual sessions, and travels, he teaches people about their guides, their inner circles, the lessons of the Earth, and supports them in being in harmony with the Life Web.

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