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Join the Mythic Moon team as we explore and prepare for the eclipse the following day.  It is said that the impact of a solar eclipse can be felt for 3-4 days.  We will come to an astronomical understanding as well as a mythic one, regarding the impact of this event. Including story-telling, engagement and a deeper offering to the world-soul, as well as current events.

Honoring the Galactic Dance of Sun and Moon.  Men and Women meet at the StarHouse at 6:45pm.

Facilitated by: Women’s Gathering, Lila Sophia Tresemer and Corin Blanchard

Men’s Gathering, David Tresemer, Steve Dedrick and Darren Silver

New Moon is historically a time to prepare a seed (an idea, or inspiration—perhaps a prayer) for the cycle of the waxing moon over the next 15 days, culminating in the full moon of that month. At StarHouse, we have faithfully kept the new moon cycles in the temple as an honouring of the Feminine connection to the moon, and have led women’s events for the past twenty years. We are seeking a new pulse and pattern, and are initiating a New Moon Path that invites the men of the community to meet separately, to spend time on the Land, be in the woods, tell stories, and listen to the wild. The women will continue to be in ceremonial space within the Temple of The StarHouse, exploring and re-membering the Sacred Arts, through Council, working with the Elements, and making our offerings for the good of the Whole.

Towards the end of the event, we will come together in a ceremonial fashion, to meet as vessels of the sacred in the Temple.

 $15, $10 for StarHouse members

Tickets are available at the door or in advance:

In preparation for the upcoming eclipse, Lila and David have prepared something at that might be helpful to you. The video is 4+ minutes long, and offers you a paper that tells a story about this particular placement in the heavens. In any case, observe closely the energetic effects. There is an opportunity here….and I am being cautionary as well. How does one discern the streams to which to open, and the ones from which you protect yourself? At the very least, heighten your awareness in those moments (which have begun, as one sees an arrow speed towards a target knowing, even as it moves swiftly but isn’t there yet, that it will hit the center).

Best wishes,

David & Lila Sophia Tresemer

Co-Founders of The StarHouse and All Seasons Chalice



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