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The birth of the New Earth is in full process and the light frequencies that are moving through our earth gateway can have a radical effect on your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual body.  Are you experiencing diverse mood swings, increased anxiety and/or depression?  Maybe there’s visual and auditory distortions, memory loss, lack of concentration, or a feeling like nothing works like it use to.  And our bodies are reacting with deep fatigue or jittery restlessness that keeps us awake at night.  It’s intense out there right now and you’re not alone.

Join Yemanya Carey, Light Language and Conscious Evolution facilitator, for an evening to gain a deeper understanding of what is happening with in the collective web of the universe, our own personal grid matrix, and the correlation to the earth’s ascension.  The new codes are here and are ready to be embodied by you so you can be the way shower and light worker for the many.  During this evening you will learn tools that will support you in harnessing and bridging these higher frequencies plus skills to remain balanced.  Yemanya will also offer her signature language of light transmission to the collective group plus individual transmissions of light codes to upgrade your personal body system to receive this new earth information.

This course is one of many in a series of Light School Education. It is for everyone who is a light worker, way shower, gatekeeper, healer, teacher, coach, and evolutionary change agent.  And we encourage that you bring your children and grandchildren (13yrs +) as this is as much for them as it is for you.

Event Cost $35 pre-Sale $40 at the door

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