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In this 6 week series we will investigate the physical gateways of this dynamic meditation practice to open the essential states of being within ourselves so we may bridge more effectively to the world around us. The 5Rhythms®, flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness, are a dynamic movement meditation practice. Each of these rhythms are distinct states of being and by learning to embody them we gain access to the teachings that live within these energies. Collectively, the 5Rhythms create a wave of energy which when moved enables us to tap into our truth, express who we are, release what no longer serves us, and step more fully on our soulful path of awakening.

a progressive 5Rhythms® 6 week series
drop ins welcome, full attendance encouraged

Full Series Price: $110 if paid by Night 1, Oct. 4
$20 drop ins 

Class  Times are 7pm – 9pm


Amber Ryan is an international 5Rhythms® facilitator who has been steeped in movement meditation for 18 years. With a strong background in dance, theatre, and freeing the natural voice, she takes seekers on transformative 5Rhythms sessions focused on embodiment and supported by the deep and eclectic music journeys she curates.

Amber trained with 5Rhythms founder Gabrielle Roth, for 10 years in NYC and loves to co-create containers which bring people together for the purpose of self inquiry and human evolution.


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