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Dear Women,
We invite YOU to gather together on the land in the fertile awakening of spring to cultivate the inner knowing that is ready to root & rise in you. We will apprentice to the ways and wisdom of seeds. 12 women, max.Cost is $175 to $140, sliding scale.

We’ll weave practices that include wandering in nature, imagery, poetry, dance/movement, writing, quiet reflection and Truth Telling Council. You will get to know both what deadens and what liberates & feeds your inner knowing. And, we will help you to call in support for the hardest part, living it into your life and the world.

We are cultivating a space for women to remember their inner knowing, guided by the wisdom of nature and the witness and reflection of women in ceremonial community space. We fiercely support women to support each other to LIVE their Inner Knowing into the world. Contact either or both of us to register and for more information.

Wild Blessings,
Jennie Gershater Lopez and Mary Marsden 

Saturday-April 1st
Sunrise to 6:00 pm
Boulder County
$175 – $140


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