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Thursday, May 25 at 6:45-9pm
StarHouse New Moon Event

Honoring the Galactic Dance of Sun and Moon.  Men and Women meet at the StarHouse at 6:45pm.

Facilitated by: Women’s Gathering, Lila Sophia Tresemer and Corin Blanchard

Men’s Gathering, David Tresemer, Steve Dedrick and Darren Silver

New Moon is historically a time to prepare a seed (an idea, or inspiration—perhaps a prayer) for the cycle of the waxing moon over the next 15 days, culminating in the full moon of that month. At StarHouse, we have faithfully kept the new moon cycles in the temple as an honouring of the Feminine connection to the moon, and have led women’s events for the past twenty years. We are seeking a new pulse and pattern, and are initiating a New Moon Path that invites the men of the community to meet separately, to spend time on the Land, be in the woods, tell stories, and listen to the wild. The women will continue to be in ceremonial space within the Temple of The StarHouse, exploring and re-membering the Sacred Arts, through Council, working with the Elements, and making our offerings for the good of the Whole.

Towards the end of the event, we will come together in a ceremonial fashion, to meet as vessels of the sacred in the Temple.

Tuesday, April 25, 6:45 pm— $15, $10 for StarHouse members

Tickets are available at the door or in advance:

Click here for flyer

new moon april


Friday, May 26 at 7pm
Legendary Gongmaster Don Conreaux In Concert

Join legendary Gongmaster Don Conreaux In Concert with special guests Mysterious Tremendum

at The StarHouse, 3476 Sunshine Canyon Drive, Boulder, CO

click here for flyer

Cost: $20 in advance
$25 at the door
Book on-line at

For more information: 303-217-1874 /



Wednesday, May 31 at 7pm
Series on Star Wisdom and Sophia Lineage

at The StarHouse

With David and Lila Sophia Tresemer

BY DONATIONS ($10-15 recommended)

Weaving the energies of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, through the Heavens and the Earth, we, as Humans in the realm of

the Sacred Heart, can learn how to become the most powerfully grounded and embodied energies for this crucial time on Earth.
An opportunity to work the instrument of the StarHouse – to learn Star Wisdom in relation to Sophia. All couched in conscious relationships (which Lila and I present at

Bring your birth date, place, and time (if you have it) if you would like to see the imprint at your first-breath.

Please pass on to others who might be interested. Donation basis, as it’s important that deep curiosity come to sample this work.

June 7:  Wed.  7:00

June 21: Wed.  7:00

June 28: Wed. 7:00

July 5: Wed.  7:00  

July 12: Wed.  7:00

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3476 Sunshine Canyon Dr.




Thursday, June 1 at 7pm
Ecstatic Dance

Hello Ecstatic Dance Community,

Our next dance is coming up on Thursday, June 1st at our beautiful sacred location of The StarHouse.

How lovely is to walk through the forest on the meadow seeing the views of Boulder hearing the brids singing AND dance with a candle light 🙂

The address is 3476 Sunshine Canyon Dr, Boulder, CO 80302. PLEASE CARPOOL so we can preserve the nature!

The door opens at 7pm, warm up is from 7pm-7:30pm & opening circle is at 7:30pm. Students with student ID $10, Regular $12-$15.

Music is provided by Simona.

To learn more visit:


Sunday, June 4 at 7pm
Sound Circle Choir: Widening Circles

The 18-voice women’s a cappella ensemble Sound Circle will perform Widening Circles on Sunday, June 4, 2017, at The StarHouse, 3467 Sunshine Canyon Drive, at 7 pm. Tickets are $50, by advance purchase only at Capacity is limited. This will be an intimate performance in a spectacular setting, informed by the energy and intentionality that infuses the StarHouse grounds and venue.

Call Sound Circle at 303-473-8337 or go to for information. The concert will run about two hours with one intermission.

In Widening Circles, Sound Circle offers a compassionate wondering, in song, about the tribal nature of humans, and the roots of the seeming intractability of the political and moral divisions in this country. With songs drawn from a richly varied range of sources and styles, Widening Circles is our best offering to our community in a political climate that is crazy-making and deeply disturbing to so many of us. “I live my life in widening circles that reach out across the world.”  — Rainer Maria Rilke

The 18-voice a cappella ensemble Sound Circle is directed by Sue Coffee and happily identifies as a liberal/progressive/feminist “message chorus” with roots in the glbtq community. Sound Circle has performed with many local artists and in support of numerous local organizations, and is committed to the creation of new music that is relevant to our lives and musically innovative.



Tuesday, June 6 at 7pm
Gong Bath with Richard Rudis

Richard Rudis – Sonam Dorje
Quantum Level Experience!

Richard – the North American Gong Master!

If you haven’t tried a Sonam Dorje Gong Bath, you do not know what you are missing! This is the best sound healing available. Richard is the original!

Anticipate healings, awakenings and miracles.

Transformational healing waves of sound bathe you with the rising and failing rhythms, tonalities and vibrations of the huge Earth Gong tuned to the primordial AUM-the “universal Chord”; the vibrational signature of our mother Earth (Gaia) as it dances with our Sun(Sol).

Come to a sojourn into vibrational sound healing. A ‘Bath’ is an unforgettable event to soothe, inspire, heal and awaken your spirit. Each participant is bathed with rising and falling rhythms, tonalities and multi-tonal octaves of healing vibrations. The harmonic, sometimes piercing, resonance reduce stress and induces natural healing physically, mentally, spiritual.

Sacred Sound is found within all world cultures and spiritual traditions. It is the basis of music’s ability to calm, awaken, heal, balance & energize the human spirit.  A Gong Bath is an expression of Sacred Sound. It is a powerful vibrational journey which positively affect emotional balance, cellular healing & spiritual awareness. Within a Gong Bath participants are bathed with the vibration Om that is revitalizing stress reducing and induces natural healing physically, mentally & spiritually.

60 minute Gong Bath on June 6 Tuesday at 7pm  Boulder StarHouse – 3476 Sunshine Canyon Dr. Cost: $ 20 in advance $25 @ the door.

Register here:


Friday, June 9 at 7:30-9pm at
StarHouse Full Moon Meditation

Full Moons at The StarHouse provide quiet time to listen and feel the energies of Sun, Moon and Earth in their full moon alignment. We take this quiet time to open, receive, reflect and explore this conversation and its meaning for us personally and as a community globally. We begin each time with an acknowledgment of the “voices” of the sun, moon and earth. Each individual in their own way(walking, sitting or laying) has quiet time to “be” present in the energy of the full moon and held by our beautiful temple StarHouse. You are invited to come and be present in this sacred space. StarHouse Ministers: Candice Knight and Kathleen Mayberry

Suggested Donation: $10








Saturday, June 10 at 7:15pm
Deeper Dances of Universal Peace

This offering in its twenty-sixth year provides those dancing for peace a chance to deepen into a sacred movement practice. Attended by dancers throughout the Colorado Front range and beyond, it holds an intention for deep body prayer, wonderment in this beautiful natural setting and a confluence for the greater dance community. Selections for the evening are mantric in nature (Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic, Sanskrit, etc.) and a “Kindling Ceremony” invokes the blessings of the myriad wisdom traditions contributing to the spiritual abundance we share in these amazing times. Timothy Dobson (Minister at The StarHouse) serves as facilitator and master of ceremony (303) 440-5714.

This month: Cynthia Jaffe-flutes, Jeffrey Rodgers-tabla and percussion, Timothy-
guitars and Master of Ceremonies.
$15 at the door.

Saturday, June 10th 7:15 p.m.


Sunday, June 11 at 9am-12pm
The Science of Chanting with Mata Mandir Singh

Come join Mata Mandir Singh, Kundalini Yoga teacher, Naad yoga specialist and chant artist, for a special morning dedicated to the sound current of the Naad, with Kundalini Yoga kriya, meditation, chanting, and more.

Chanting is an activity beloved by many who are immersed in the practice of yoga. It is the science of how we use our breath of life to create sound and language, and the effect of these on our brain chemistry and the various systems of the body. Chanting gives us the ability to create states of consciousness in the human mind, and healing in the body. It is integral to the holistic experience of human life, and must be experienced to be understood.

Discover Mata Mandir Singh’s sacred chant music at

Click here for the event flyer.


Advance tickets $40  |  Door admission $45

Register here




Sunday, June 11 at 7pm
Deep Peace Concert

Paul Temple’s  RadianceMatrix

Tibetan Bowls, Flutes & Mantras

An evening of soul-healing, meditative music

You are invited to dissolve into another dimension – the pure land, the Buddha field — into timelessness and stillness of mind. Bathe your soul in warm, harmonious vibrations of peace and beauty that calm the nervous system, still the mind and connect us with the sacred sound current.

Tibetan Healing bowls create a very pure sonic resonance that induces deep inner stillness, mental calm and peaceful feeling. They are a simple but powerful path to inner peace, which is something difficult to find in our busy technological world.  These harmonically tuned bowls are accompanied by flutes, Tibetan throat singing and healing Sanskrit mantras. During the session participants may sit or lie down. You can bring a blanket or pillow for extra comfort.

Paul Temple’s new album, RADIANCE MIXES with Deva Premal, reached #5 on the iTunes world music chart.  He has opened for Tina Malia and Wah! and been a musician and meditator for many years.

“Beautiful Music, Sacred Space”  Deva Premal & Miten

“The concert was a beautiful love-letter to my soul”  – Concert Attendee, Denver, CO

 “OMG, the concert last night was so beautiful. The tones that come from the bowls, and from Paul, are so powerful! I definitely had an out of body, spiritual experience!”   – Cathi Fitzpatrick, Sarasota, FL                          

 “Some people play music and some people channel spirit thru sound. RadianceMatrix is definitely a powerful channel.”  Melissa, Boulder, CO – Concert attendee

Tix:  $15 adv //  $20 door          Adv Tix:

Sun Jun 11,  7 pm

StarHouse, 3476 Sunshine Canyon, Boulder, CO 80302



Tuesday, June 13 at 7pm
Conscious Breathwork for Transformation and Awakening

We dive into the loving, powerful, and transformative practice of conscious breathwork in the deeply sacred container of The Starhouse up Sunshine Canyon. You are invited to join us for this deep dive into the realms.

Breathwork is, in its essence, a deeply effective tool for spiritual transformative work, as well as a perfect healing modality for the 21st century.

One session alone can change your life: its effects are immediate and permanent.

Breathwork is a powerful and effective alchemy between your breath and your higher self to heal past traumas, offering an alternative and healthy way to release old pain, grief, anger, or other unexpressed emotions. Breathwork brings about changes in a person’s relationships to themselves, others, and the world in their overall mood and life perspective; and, in their sense of connectedness.

Spiritually, it offers an infinite array of possibilities for a deepening and expansion of conscious awareness and connection to the greater.

With this session, there exists infinite possibilities to:

  • promote healing on all levels (emotionally, energetically, spiritually, physically, mentally)
  • connect with life-purpose, life path
  • dissolve trauma, limiting beliefs, restrictive patterning, blockages
  • increase in compassion, empathy, understanding of self, and others
  • increase clarity, sense of well-being, trust, and safety
  • bring the subconscious to the conscious for clearing
  • lead to ecstatic experiences
  • expect the unexpected

Breathwork Logistics:

  • eat a light meal for lunch (soup, salad) and nothing an hour prior
  • wear comfortable, loose clothing
  • bring your yoga mats, blankets, and bolsters — anything that will help you be comfortable laying on the floor for about 1 – 1.5 hours (camping pad, etc.)
  • water
  • an eye cover (eye mask)
  • bring a snack to share during our post-session processing and grounding 🙂

Breathwork Level: this class will be a mixed level class, from those who are beginners in breathwork to those who are experienced journeyers

Investment: $40 – $50 sliding scale
Payment options: cash, check, Paypal
Please pre-register as space is limited via the Eventbrite link or via Paypal (gurpreetgill2 at hotmail dot com)

Location: The Starhouse is a sacred jewel 3 miles up Sunshine Canyon — about a 7 minute drive from Mapleton and 4th in Boulder, CO.

All are welcome!

Please pre-register as this event has limited space.

Please arrive early to get settled in for a prompt start time.

Private groups and one-on-one healing sessions are also available — please contact me for more information.




Thursday, June 15 at 6:45pm at
Cosmic Throat Singer: Medicine For The Earth with Matthew Kocel

“…words seem so deficient for explaining the depth of experience we all felt… I was being moved by sound, my whole body was light and vibrating…” – Vancouver Yoga Review

Imagine floating in an ocean of sacred sound… vibration so profound it seems to create geometric forms, color and movement.

It is hard to believe these tones come from a human.

The harmonic overtones of his voice – 2, 3 or more notes at the same time – vibrate to the core of your being with exquisite sensations.

This is your opportunity… to experience pure bliss in an intimate setting with internationally acclaimed throat singer, sound healer and musical visionary Matthew Kocel.

“…like bathing in liquid light!” – J. Ripley, Boulder, CO

Doors open at 6:45, Event runs from 7-9pm.
Please arrive early to settle in and prepare!

Based in Vancouver, BC, Matthew Kocel is a true visionary in the world music and sound healing movement – a man on a mission to inspire peace through healing music for our time.

His music has been described as medicine for the Earth and the Heart of Humanity.

Tickets $25
Reserve online at


Monday - Wednesday, June 19-21 at
‘My Mother was a Bear’ Women’s Retreat

A nourishing day-camp experience for women seeking gentle modes of nature connection, physical renewal through meaningful movement, joyful group creativity, light-hearted crafting, soul-enriching poetry, soft heart-opening music, and playful practices of self-knowing through visionary imagination.   Teacher Laura Melling is Director of the Colorado School of Myth & Movement and has been a leader in myth-based modes of self and community enrichment for the past 15 years.  More information at: 

June 19-21


Thursday, June 22 at 7pm
Ecstatic Dance

Hello Our Sacred Community,

Join us for a SUMMER SOLSTICE and a NEW MOON Ecstatic Dance at our beautiful sacred location of The StarHouse on Thursday, June 22nd from 7pm-9pm.

Let’s DANCE and commune with the essence of the longest day, while staying present to the balance of human and earth connection. We will intent to the unique blending and balancing of the Sacred Feminine and Masculine.

The address is 3476 Sunshine Canyon Dr, Boulder, CO 80302. PLEASE CARPOOL so we can preserve the nature!

The door opens at 7pm, warm up is from 7pm-7:30pm & opening circle is at 7:30pm. Students with student ID $10, Regular $12-$15.

Music is provided by Simona.

Many blessings :)))

To learn more visit:


Saturday, June 24 at 9am - 4:30pm
Sacred Drum-Making Workshop

There is a voice that is in all things… a Life Force that drums its rhythm in every fiber of all beings on Earth. This Life Force provides us with a constant reminder of how we are all connected, how we are the Earth. Making a drum in a sacred manner connects us to this force of the animals, the trees, the elements, and the spirit of the drum. When these beings are brought together a new life is born- a sacred drum.

When we drum, we remember our beginnings, we remind ourselves of our oneness, we remember how to pray and heal, and we connect with our place in the Life-Web.

Come and make your own drum in a sacred manner. Even if you are not used to creating things with your hands, you will
walk away from this workshop with a beautiful, personal drum. In this journey we explore the rhythm around and within us that
is in the Circle of Life. The elements that are part of all beings are invited to sit in council with us. We form a kinship with the
trees and animals who have come to us. We open our hearts so we may hear the guidance of our ancestors and the lessons
from the spirits of the drums.

With our muscles we pull the fibers of the hides to stretch them so they will bring out the voice of our new companions and we
honor their new existence. At the end of the journey, we bless the birth of these special drums, and we give thanks to our
Mother Earth for Her gifts.

For FLYER click here

Workshop Logistics
The drum style you will make in this workshop is generally called an Earth drum, and also known as a hoop or
frame drum, as seen in the pictures on this flyer. There are four different sizes of drums you can make:

20″ drum $290 18″ drum $260 15″-16″ drum $230 13″ drum $195

These prices include all materials, equipment, the workshop fee, a vegetarian lunch, snacks and water. If you have any
questions about the content of the workshop, call or e-mail Franco: 516 343-3210
The hides are blessed and permission is given from the spirit of the animal before we are granted its gift.
Sacred Drum-Making Workshop
June, 24th, 2017
9 am – 4:30 pm
3476 Sunshine Canyon Dr. Boulder, CO 80302
Hosted By: Jeanne Pittman 303-915-3325
Jill LaLiberte 303-482-6133

To register: or Make your non-refundable check payable to Franco Marini. You may make either a full payment now or ½ now and ½ the day of the workshop and mail the check to:
4385 South Balsam Street
Suite 5-203
Denver, CO 80123

Teacher: Franco Marini is the owner of Thunder Spirit, an organization dedicated to enriching and empowering individuals and the environment. He supports people in sharing their gifts and brilliance with others to help bring balance, harmony, and joy to the world. Franco is a native of Italy and grew up in a small village where many of his teachings came from spirit guides and from the Earth. By using a variety of lessons and teachings from several sources, he brings forth the wisdom of the Ancient Ones who lived throughout the world and supports people in working with the ancestors of their own lineage and culture. He has traveled extensively throughout, Canada, the U.S., Europe, Central and South America, and has helped hundreds of people make ceremonial drums.  Through his workshops, classes, drumming circles, individual sessions, and travels, he teaches people about their guides, their inner circles, the lessons of the Earth, and supports them in being in harmony with the Life Web.

Thunder Spirit


thunder spirit Logo jpg



Saturday, June 24 at 7:30pm
StarHouse Kirtan with Scott & Shanti Medina and Friends

We are thrilled to return to the StarHouse for a special anniversary Kirtan, featuring an evening of ecstatic chanting and embodied meditations.  Propelled by masterful musicians, these evenings are unforgettable and will continue to reverberate in you.   Tickets will be available only at the door for $15, doors open at 7:15pm.  Saturday, April 22nd, 7:30pm.  More info at


Sunday, June 25 at 7:30pm
Megan Burtt, Paul Kimbiris & Julian Peterson

We’re hosting a night of acoustic music! Our artists will be performing unplugged in the natural acoustics of the room, creating an intimate, present atmosphere for the performance.

Tickets will be $15


Monday - Friday, June 26-30 at
Fairy Tale Forest ‘Where Foxes Trot’ Ages 5 to 8 (FULL)

8th Annual Fairy Tale Forest:  An immersion in wonder and joy among the living mysteries of nature and the wisdom of traditional tales.   Children at FTF spend the entire day in a small group with teacher Laura Melling, in a serene forest environment hearing stories and music, dancing, daydreaming, and crafting.  The day unfolds at a unhurried pace as we learn, work and play together, basking in the beauty and tranquility of the foothills forests.    Details at:

June 26-30


Friday, June 30 at 6-9pm and July 1 at 9:30am-4:30pm at
Ground of Being

A deep journey into the dance through the 5Rhythms® & complimentary somatic practices. Seasoned and new students are all welcome.

Click here to register

Click here for flyer

June 30th & July 1st, 2017
At the StarHouse, Boulder, CO

Friday, 6 – 9pm & Saturday, 9:30am – 4:30pm


Monday - Friday, July 10-14 at
Guardian Mountain ‘Flight of the Silver Arrow’ For Ages 7.5 to 10

8th annual Myth & Movement summer camps.  Guardian Mountain is an expedition into the inspiring bonds that tie us to one another and to other life forms, through vital friendships and imagination.  Working in a small group enables us to ensure that the children form a strong bond of kindness to one another.  This is key.  We roam the forest exploring its magical corners and hearing epic tales of strong heroines and heroes.  We craft, dance, act out plays, sing, and daydream.  The vitality of the forest moves through us.   July 10-14

Details at:

A limited number of partial, need-based scholarships are available through the generous support of the Boulder County Arts Alliance.  Please inquire for an application. 

July 10-14