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Wednesdays from October 25 - November 8 at 7pm
Gateways: a 5Rhythms® Series with Amber Ryan

In this 6 week series we will investigate the physical gateways of this dynamic meditation practice to open the essential states of being within ourselves so we may bridge more effectively to the world around us. The 5Rhythms®, flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness, are a dynamic movement meditation practice. Each of these rhythms are distinct states of being and by learning to embody them we gain access to the teachings that live within these energies. Collectively, the 5Rhythms create a wave of energy which when moved enables us to tap into our truth, express who we are, release what no longer serves us, and step more fully on our soulful path of awakening.

a progressive 5Rhythms® 6 week series
drop ins welcome, full attendance encouraged

Full Series Price: $110 if paid by Night 1, Oct. 4
$20 drop ins 

Class  Times are 7pm – 9pm


Amber Ryan is an international 5Rhythms® facilitator who has been steeped in movement meditation for 18 years. With a strong background in dance, theatre, and freeing the natural voice, she takes seekers on transformative 5Rhythms sessions focused on embodiment and supported by the deep and eclectic music journeys she curates.

Amber trained with 5Rhythms founder Gabrielle Roth, for 10 years in NYC and loves to co-create containers which bring people together for the purpose of self inquiry and human evolution.


Friday, October 27, 2017 at 10am-5pm
Introduction to Tummo with Khenpo Tenpa Yungdrung Rinpoche

Khenpo Tenpa Yungdrung Rinpoche will continue teaching from the cycle of Kusum Rangshar (The Spontaneous Arising of the Three Bodies), one of the most important Dzogchen texts in the Bönpo tradition.

During this three day retreat Rinpoche will introduce Tummo practice (Inner Heat Yoga) as a supporting form to abiding in the Natural State.  The focus of these meditation forms is to find greater clarity (deeper experience) of the Nature of Mind through engaging the inherent energy of body, breath, channels, chakras and mind. 

October 27, 28, 29 | The StarHouse – Boulder | $70/day

Info and Registration at

Please register for the teachings by visiting this form

You will be also able to make a Credit/Debit Card payment after submitting the form. Please bring your Cash/Check payment to the retreat to pay at the door.

$70/day until October 13, 2017 – $210 for complete retreat
$80/day starting October 14, 2017 – $240 for complete retreat

For any further retreat questions, please contact us directly at

We look forward to seeing you at the teachings soon!



Friday, November 3 at 7:30-9pm
StarHouse Full Moon Meditation

Full Moons at The StarHouse provide quiet time to listen and feel the energies of Sun, Moon and Earth in their full moon alignment. We take this quiet time to open, receive, reflect and explore this conversation and its meaning for us personally and as a community globally. We begin each time with an acknowledgment of the “voices” of the sun, moon and earth. Each individual in their own way(walking, sitting or laying) has quiet time to “be” present in the energy of the full moon and held by our beautiful temple StarHouse. You are invited to come and be present in this sacred space. StarHouse Ministers: Candice Knight and Kathleen Mayberry

Suggested Donation: $10








Saturday, November 4 at 9:30am-4:30pm
The Way of the Leopard: The Art of Listening & Feeling from the Heart of Africa A One-Day Mindfulness Retreat

John Lockley is our guest all the way from South Africa. He will lead the group in Heart-Beat Meditation practice, which involves moving like the Leopard from Stillness to Shaking, from head to toe. The Leopard is one of the main totem animals in Southern Africa amongst traditional healers because it represents raw, primal intelligence and intuitive understanding. In South Africa, the medicine people don’t speak about mindfulness but rather the art of listening. First, we listen to our own hearts then we watch the wind and the animals around us.

This retreat will be conducted as a ceremony, with chanting, dancing and meditating. A key intention behind John’s teaching is ‘uvula indlela’, opening the road i.e. teaching people how to find their purpose or calling in life through listening to their hearts, dreams and intuition.

In order to listen effectively we need to stimulate our nervous system and WAKE UP. The retreat will involve trance dancing or ‘shaking medicine’ where John will show people how to energise their spines to awaken their intuition. “In order to feel like the leopard, we need to move and dance like the leopard”.

If you want to learn about this remarkable culture and dance and chant in an ancient way then please join us for this unique event.



Pre-registration is required. Registration is $95 and can be paid at A limited number of discounted tickets will be offered to those experiencing financial hardship. Contact Michael at 406-360-6111 for more information.


Private Sessions          

John offers private divination sessions to clients where he ‘throws the bones’ in the old Xhosa & Zulu way to help people discover their calling and purpose in the world. He will be available after the retreat for healings, divinations and counselling/ mentorship. Contact Michael at 406-360-6111 for information and scheduling.


Biography on John Lockley

John Lockley was one of the first white men in recent history to complete the rigorous apprenticeship to become a senior sangoma in the same tribe as Nelson Mandela, the Xhosa nation. He apprenticed for 10 years under his teacher MaMngwevu, a Xhosa medicine woman in the rural areas of South Africa.

John also has a background in Zen Buddhism. He holds an Honours degree in Clinical Psychology and served as a military medic towards the end of Apartheid in 1991. Today he travels the world leading ‘Ubuntu’ (humanity) retreats where he teaches people how to connect to their spirits, hearts, dreams, ancestors, one another and the natural world.

  • The book, ‘Leopard Warrior’ and Audio teachings, ‘The Way of the Leopard’, both produced by Sounds True, will be available for purchase. Even before publication, his book is receiving praise by many including Sandra Ingerman, Jack Kornfield, and includes a foreword by Malidoma Some. Video on John’s new book

Further information:



Please be aware that these techniques are powerful and have the ability to increase your emotions and ability to feel. In traditional South African ceremonies, all feelings whether positive or negative are seen as a good sign and indicate that the medicine is working. John is a simple guide and is not responsible for your emotional well-being. Please take full responsibility for your inner work.


Friday, November 10 at 9am-4pm
Activate Your Magic School Day Off Program

Wondering what to do for your child on their day off of school?  Don’t want your child to sit around all day on their screens?

How about a program that positively impacts your child’s ability to succeed into the future?

Join us at the StarHouse for the Activate Your Magic School Day Off  Program!

Preteens (ages 8-13) will be engaged in games and practices that are specifically designed to decrease restlessness and anxiety, increase emotional intelligence and executive functioning skills, improve quality and duration of focus, build confidence, and introduce self-care practices for sustained health and well-being.

With experiences designed specifically for those with ADHD and Other Sensitivities, preteens will:

• learn helpful meditation and mindfulness practices

• explore herbal tea remedies and make their own custom blends

• make nutritious snacks and lunch together while learning why certain foods are more beneficial for them 

• play games and do other movement exercises that increase focus and motivation

• make self-care products that can serve as plant allies in stressful situations

Click here for flyer

Register at


Tuesday, November 14 at 7pm
Conscious Breathwork for Transformation and Awakening

We dive into the loving, powerful, and transformative practice of conscious breathwork in the deeply sacred container of The Starhouse up Sunshine Canyon. You are invited to join us for this deep dive into the realms.

Breathwork is, in its essence, a deeply effective tool for spiritual transformative work, as well as a perfect healing modality for the 21st century.

One session alone can change your life: its effects are immediate and permanent.

Breathwork is a powerful and effective alchemy between your breath and your higher self to heal past traumas, offering an alternative and healthy way to release old pain, grief, anger, or other unexpressed emotions. Breathwork brings about changes in a person’s relationships to themselves, others, and the world in their overall mood and life perspective; and, in their sense of connectedness.

Spiritually, it offers an infinite array of possibilities for a deepening and expansion of conscious awareness and connection to the greater.

With this session, there exists infinite possibilities to:

  • promote healing on all levels (emotionally, energetically, spiritually, physically, mentally)
  • connect with life-purpose, life path
  • dissolve trauma, limiting beliefs, restrictive patterning, blockages
  • increase in compassion, empathy, understanding of self, and others
  • increase clarity, sense of well-being, trust, and safety
  • bring the subconscious to the conscious for clearing
  • lead to ecstatic experiences
  • expect the unexpected

Breathwork Logistics:

  • eat a light meal for lunch (soup, salad) and nothing an hour prior
  • wear comfortable, loose clothing
  • bring your yoga mats, blankets, and bolsters — anything that will help you be comfortable laying on the floor for about 1 – 1.5 hours (camping pad, etc.)
  • water
  • an eye cover (eye mask)
  • bring a snack to share during our post-session processing and grounding 🙂

Breathwork Level: this class will be a mixed level class, from those who are beginners in breathwork to those who are experienced journeyers

Investment: $40 – $50 sliding scale
Payment options: cash, check, Paypal
Please pre-register as space is limited via the Eventbrite link or via Paypal (gurpreetgill2 at hotmail dot com)

Location: The Starhouse is a sacred jewel 3 miles up Sunshine Canyon — about a 7 minute drive from Mapleton and 4th in Boulder, CO.

All are welcome!

Please pre-register as this event has limited space.

Please arrive early to get settled in for a prompt start time.

Private groups and one-on-one healing sessions are also available — please contact me for more information.




Thursday, November 16 at 7pm
Ecstatic Dance

Our next Ecstatic Dance at our beautiful sacred location of The StarHouse is coming on Thursday, November 16.

We are celebrating 6 years of Ecstatic Dance in Boulder and our wonderful community, so let’s continue to dance. It has been an honor co-creating our new and old friendships. And how lucky we are dancing in the beautiful surrounding nature of The StarHouse with the amazing views of Boulder :

The address is 3476 Sunshine Canyon Dr, Boulder, CO 80302. PLEASE CARPOOL so we can preserve the nature!

The door opens at 7pm, warm up is from 7pm-7:30pm & opening circle is at 7:30pm. Students with student ID $10, Regular $12-$15.

Music provided by Simona.

UPCOMING dances at The StarHouse:​​​​​​​

Thursday, December 7

For more information please visit


Friday, November 17 at 6:45pm

We invite you to join us for November NEW MOON.

This StarHouse tradition prepares us for the darker months ahead! Doors are open to everyone called to commune with the sacred through Story Enactment, Astrology, Ritual and Relevance!

StarHouse is nestled upon rolling meadows and rock faces 10 minutes from Boulder on land that has been held sacred for nearly 30 years. 

Join our growing community as we explore and embody important myths and stories for our times.

This Series is a cocreation of David and Lila Tresemer, Darren Silver, Corin Blanchard, Ixeeya Beacher, and Steve Dedrick – who all have a deep relationship with this Temple, Land, and the energies that run through it…

$15 for general public $10 for ASC members

Tickets are available at the door or in advance:


Saturday, November 18 at 7:30pm
StarHouse Kirtan with Scott & Shanti Medina and Friends

We are thrilled to return to the StarHouse for a Kirtan, featuring an evening of ecstatic chanting and embodied meditations. Propelled by masterful musicians, these evenings are unforgettable and will continue to reverberate in you.   Tickets will be available only at the door for $15, doors open at 7:15pm.  Saturday, September 23, 7:30pm.  More info at


Sunday, November 19 at 7pm
Gong Bath with Richard Rudis

Blissful Understanding -crown 7th chakra

Richard Rudis, a Tibetan Buddhist uses Eastern instruments – gongs, Himalayan singing bowls and tingsha to orchestrates sacred sound healing rituals that engage not only senses but also soul. Richard describes his cosmic sonic tonic as a mind-altering, dynamic meditation experience designed to soothe, inspire, heal and awaken spirit. Sacred vibrational healing delves into the physics of what it is to be a sentient piece of matter in the universe, Self-Discovery (Deepening the Narrative).

60 minute Gong Bath on Sunday, November 19 at 7pm Boulder StarHouse – 3476 Sunshine Canyon Dr.

Cost: $ 20 in advance $25 @ the door.

Register here


Friday, January 26 - Saturday, February 3 at
Nature-Connected Coaching Certification

Earth-Based Institute (EBI) is devoted to improving human lives, careers, communities, and businesses. EBI is focused on teaching and learning nature connectedness. Professional instructors and students come together in an experiential learning environment to work toward a future where we live in harmony with nature.

The Nature-Connected Coaching Certification is our main training program which is offered at the Starhouse. It is a comprehensive training blending the skills and techniques of professional life coaching with the unique skills of transformational wilderness work. The result is a highly trained professional who confidently knows how to collaborate with the natural world and the client to inspire intentional self-discovery, personal leadership, and support authentic and meaningful change.

Learn more