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Sunday, July 3 at 12:30pm-6pm at
New Moon Sisterhood

Green Tent: Womens Shamanic Self Care New Moon

Is your wild woman wilted? This is her moment!    A New Moon Self care day to reinvigorate your wild woman brilliance! 

YOU DESERVE THIS! Its New Moon…time for slow down and self care.  Great for women feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, uninspired and overworked.
Join Womens Tent this July 3 for a special GREEN TENT half day retreat.  Sometimes we need to slow down and  get messy and wild with the earth!

DEEP NOURISHIMENT…with the earth

Time with the earth is essential for your over all health as well as the health of your cycle.   Her electromagnetic currents ( what we in the womens tents of all of time call the earth’s love) build immunity and balance in your body and brain.

The Day will include a taste of practice of the following: 

- Intro to shamanic journeying
- Tree Attunments ( Yes we really can talk to trees and the talk back.)
- Edible Faials.
- Community Healings
- Limpia plant healing
- Rattle baths
- Chanting and sound healing
- Earth altars

- Herbal bathing
- Global prayers for the women of the planet
Yes I know you might be wondering where is the earth dancing? 
Of course we will have a moment of movement for sure but we have made a whole earth dancing retreat at the end of July so we can take our time and go deep with that practice. July 28-31

July 3rd will be a natural on the earth SPA DAY! 

To register go to
or email Ixeeya at

Exchange for our Summer Green Tent: 
- $50 pre- registration
- $65 at the door

Thank you for your interest and spreading the word!

For every woman you refer we offer you Yin currency of $10 to discount your ticket or to use on any Womens Tent gatherings or Sessions ! Yeaheee for Yin Currency and helping share the goodness!

Thank you for your support: As always your contributions support Womens Tent global womens support network and our on going work with partnering to stop human sex trafficing.

Facebook link to the Green Tent New Moon :

Many Blessings,
Ixeeya and the Womens Tent team

Ixeeya Lin is the founder of Womens Tent and author of “The Way of the Wild Divine Woman”, ”The Red Tent Phenom”  and “Death of Knowing” . She has a thriving private Women’s Healing Arts practice in Lafayette Co. Specializing in sacred embodiment, restoration of the feminine, and sexual trauma. Helping women reclaim their body, voice and creative pleasure through somatic healing, shamanic ritual body work, herbal healing, wild crafting and natural womb and pelvic care practices.

She has been gathering the women and co-creating women’s empowerment programs and red tents for almost two decades. A trained and apprenticed earth centered ceremonialist and sacred dancer bringing an overflowing basket of goodies from her global walk with shamanism, folk herbalism, yoga, counseling, temple dance, earth healing and ceremonial arts.

With gypsy blood dancing through her veins and a  20 year dance / performance  and visual art career you can be assured you will be coming back to life singing, storytelling, dancing and making art whenever you are in the company of Ixeeya Lin. Find out about Ixeeya’s  trainings, retreats or global sharing tours at or


Future New Moons 2016 Gathering times: 

Tuesday, August 2 at 6pm


Wednesday, July 6 at 6:45pm at
Tantra Puja

Tantra Puja is a sacred ancient ritual that has been practiced for thousands of years. It is a beautiful ceremony of honoring and adoring the Divine that dwells within each of us, and brings us into a profound space of connection and universal Love.

This evening’s Puja is dedicated to both men and women. In fact, participants will not know whether they will be in the giving or receiving role until they arrive. Men may end up in the giving role or the receiving role, and the same for the women. Though the presentation starts off with an introduction to some of the esoteric practices of Tantra to give us a context for the Puja, we will soon switch gears and actually engage in this heartening practice. We will use movement, sound and the five elements, all given to us with ample instruction, enriching each experience throughout the ceremony. You may find yourself turning inwards and becoming aware of abundant love and innate beauty that is part of your being.

In a Tantra Puja, participants in the giving role have the opportunity to express their unconditional love and adoration towards women and men alike. This ceremony opens people’s hearts in a way that allows them to see the inner beauty and the Divine within us all. The participants in the giving role will be instructed in performing an ancient ritual, which is simple in form yet very powerful in practice. As the participants in the receiving role accept the offerings and adoration, they in turn connect with unconditional love and reflect that adoration back to the givers with their presence. Taking part in these Pujas is a very powerful way to reconnect and relate with the feminine and masculine. It is through the practice of unconditional loving that we find that any emptiness or longing we feel within us can be filled with a simple act of giving.

This ancient ritual is thousands of years old. It was brought to life by Tantrikas who implemented the religious and spiritual practices of Yogis and sages into the Art of Adoration, the practice of breathing life and awareness through the five elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether) in offering to the divine within every living being. We will offer fire, incense, roses, water, chocolate and more in adoration and worship of our divine Goddesses.

Women, Devis, though not required, you are welcome to dress for the evening – perhaps adorn yourself with jewelry you feel most happy in, or wear the scarf you love that you can’t wear to work. It is your evening; indulge yourself as you wish, but please be comfortable.

Men, Shiva, though not required, you are welcome to dress for the evening too. Think of the times the goddesses in your lives had asked you to dress a certain way for their pleasure – well, this may be an opportunity to do just that, but please be comfortable. You may bring flowers, chocolates, or other divinely treats as your offering to the goddesses in the room.

Feel free to bring roses, chocolate, sacred elements for our altar and/or anything else you wish to adore and worship Goddesses with!

Love Exchange:
Singles: $40pp
Couples: $70per couple

Here is the eventbrite link~


Friday, July 8 at 7:30pm at
Dreamin’ Out Loud – An Evening of Music, Honesty, and Heart to Ignite the Slow Burn of Purpose

Join us on July 8th for a celebration of purpose and the deeply human experience of living it out! Heatherlyn (Heatherlyn Music) is a singer-songwriter who is following a dream and making it a reality. Into her music is woven the full spectrum of emotions encountered along the way – in her own words, “the shit and the bliss.” Come be inspired as she shares her journey and speaks to the burning desire to be fully alive that exists in every human heart.

This event is a collaboration of Sacred House and StarHouse, two organizations working in partnership for the shared goal of separating spirituality from dogma and implementing it in our lives.

Are you ready to dream out loud?

Doors 7pm, show starts 7:30
$20 Suggested Donation

Facebook event:


July 11-14 at
Mythkeepers Rite of Passage Camp age 9 to 14

Theme:  ’Human-Animal: Legends of Relationship with the Wild’

Mythkeepers is a program for pre-teens and teens with an interest in ‘acting out’ the adventure of being creative and authentic, supported by the wilderness and mythology as our primary teachers and guides.   Drama, storytelling, nature skills, crafting and ceremony are combined in this integrated journey into connection with land and inner vision.  Led by innovative educator & multi-disciplinary artist Laura Melling, and wilderness educator and rite of passage guide Darren Silver.

Registration details at


Monday, July 18 at 7pm at
Gong Bath with Richard Rudis -> StarHouse Benefit

Sacred Sound is found within all world cultures and spiritual traditions. It is the basis of music’s ability to calm, awaken, heal, balance & energize the human spirit.  A Gong Bath is an expression of Sacred Sound. It is a powerful vibrational journey which positively affect emotional balance, cellular healing & spiritual awareness.  Within a Gong Bath participants are bathed with the vibration Om that is revitalizing stress reducing and induces natural healing physically, mentally & spiritually.

All proceeds go to StarHouse/ASC to keep this amazing sacred space available for public access.

60 minutes starting at 7pm
Cost: $25 @ the door.  $22 in advance


A ‘Gong Bath™’ is a dynamic meditative concert which acoustically guides each participant, via interlacing harmonic overtones, into realms of spiritual well-being, emotional balance, cellular healing and spiritual awareness. Employing an unique 38″ Gong, toned to the ‘Aum’ frequency of the Earth (in it’s yearly dance with Sol), a multitude of octaves are created. Using sacred geometry and natural rhythms the brain is enticed into Alpha/Theta/Delta wave-scapes of creativity, relaxation and enrichment. Healings at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level are common. (see for further description).


Richard Rudis, (Karma Sonam Dorje), has studied Eastern philosophy and Buddhism for thirty years and is an American practitioner of the Vajrayana path. He has studied sacred instruments and their playing techniques across Asia and conducts transformational ‘Sound Mandala’ concerts known as ‘GONG BATH’™ internationally, (see for more information).

As a teacher of  Buddhist Dharma/Vibrational Healing for over twenty years he is considered most knowledgeable in this esoteric field. He has produced five CD’s, a teaching DVD and film entitled ‘Tibetan Pilgrimage’.  He is a recording artist for ‘Sounds True‘,  ‘So Sounds Solutions’ and a featured artist of Paiste Gongs International. As a Tibetan Dharma pilgrim he was granted refuge in the Buddha from His Holiness Gyalwa Karmapa while in Tibet in 1996. His Holiness named him Sonam Dorje; (Meritorious Thunderbolt).



Thursday, July 21 at 7pm at
Ecstatic Dance

FULL MOON Ecstatic Dance at The StarHouse is on THURSDAY, JULY 21st​​​​​​​. Let’s celebrate the FULL MOON in July by a special DANCE under the stars in our beautiful sacred space of THE STARHOUSE :) We can enjoy the lovely nature, the spectacular views of Boulder and take a walk in this sanctuary of spiritual bliss.

The door opens at 7pm & warm up is from 7pm-7:30pm. Opening circle is at 7:30pm. Students with student ID $10, Regular $12-$15.

Music is provided by Simona.

PLEASE CARPOOL so we can preserve the nature in the mountains! The address is 3476 Sunshine Canyon Dr, Boulder, CO 80302.


Thursday, July 28 - Sunday, July 31 at
Spirit Dancer Womens Summer Retreat

Healing Dance Institute presents: Spirit Dancer Womens Summer Retreat.

JULY 28 – 31 Boulder Colorado at StarHouse
Reclaim your body, your voice and your connection with the earth as sacred through the timeless traditions of womens sacred dance.

Spirit dancer is a fusion of both ecstatic pure dance medicine with the elemental power of earth dance and the scared geometry technique, grace and devotion of the temple dance and yoga lineages. Held in the ceremonial circle traditions of womens culture and earth centered shamanism.

It is a path of remembering, healing and prayer service through embodiment of the spirit.

Spirit Dancer is a practice of discovering your own unique feminine spirit and her deep wisdom and power.

Through Dance we can Remember – Heal and Transform.
Dancing body, energy and emotions into unified balance and prayers for women and the earth globally.

Spirit Dancer is for women who want to take up this practice.  The spirit dancer is awake to being the dancing bridge of the energies of heaven and earth.

Who is this for?
Spirit dance is for women wanting to cultivate more embodied depth, feminine presence and sensual power and delight in their lives.

- For dancers wanting new inspiration from the temple and earth dance traditions.

- For women longing to connect with their bodies and movement in a meaningful way.

- For somatic healers wanting to add some new perspectives and tools to their practice.

Click here for flyer

July 28-31
Thurs. 6 -9:30
Fri. 9:30 – 5:30
Sat. 9:30 – 5;30
Sunday 10 4:30

To Register Goto :

Face book invite:

Ixeeya Lin is the founder of Womens Tent and the Healing Dance Institute. Author of “The Way of the Wild Divine Woman” and the WOMB Dance Method: feminine restoration through movement.  She has a thriving private Womens Healing Arts practice in Lafayette Co. and a life long dancer.  Helping women reclaim their body, voice and creative pleasure through somatic and dance healing, shamanic ritual body work and natural womb and pelvic care.   She has been gathering the women and co-creating women’s empowerment programs, sacred dances and red tents around the globe for almost two decades.

A trained and apprenticed ceremonialist and sacred dancer bringing an overflowing basket of goodies from walking the shamanic and yogaic paths, temple dance traditions, a 20 year healing dance career, folk herbalism and global touring and teaching.

“The rise of the feminine is upon us and it is up to all of us to do our part through inviting her to awaken with in us for the healing of our global culture . I know of no other more potent way then through the dance and the circle. ” Ixeeya Lin



Sunday, July 31 at 7pm at
Deep Peace Concert

With RadianceMatrix on Tibetan Bowls, flutes & Mantras
at The StarHouse, 3476 Sunshine Canyon Road, Boulder, Colorado 80302

You are invited to dissolve into another dimension – the pure land, the Buddha field — into timelessness and stillness of mind. Bathe your soul and your cells in harmonious vibrations of peace and beauty. Immerse yourself in the warm spaciousness of Tibetan Bowls that calm the nervous system, still the mind and connect us with the sacred sound current.

Tibetan Healing bowls create a very pure sonic resonance that induces deep inner stillness, mental calm and peaceful feeling. They are a simple but powerful path to inner peace, which is something difficult to find in our busy technological world.  These harmonically tuned bowls are accompanied by flutes, Tibetan throat singing and healing Sanskrit mantras. During the session participants may sit or lie down. You can bring a blanket or pillow for extra comfort.

The concert is led by Paul Temple (aka RadianceMatrix) who, having been a musician and meditator for many years, has found a path to beauty and inner peace through Tibetan Bowls.

deep peace cover

“RadianceMatrix has embraced the shamanic traditions of Tibet to create a beautiful meditative expression of peace and harmony.
Beautiful music, sacred space.”  
- Deva Premal & Miten 

 “When Paul plays his Tibetan bowls, a sense of peace and euphoria permeates the entire room.
It is impossible not to feel uplifted by his subtle yet powerful art form.”   - Tina Malia

 Tickets: $15 adv / $20 door at

Carpooling is encouraged!



August 1-5 at
Fairy Tale Forest ‘Raven’s Nest of Story’ age 5 to 9

Seven years running, Fairy Tale Forest is a gem in Boulder’s crown of educational offerings.   Small groups of mixed ages are guided on a uniquely holistic journey combining mythology, nature connection, drama, movement, music and crafts.  Led by innovative educator & multi-disciplinary artist Laura Melling, with harpist-composer Margot Krimmel & wilderness educator Darren Silver.

Registration details at:



Saturday, August 13 at 7:15pm at
Dances of Universal Peace

This offering in its twenty-fifth year provides those dancing for peace a chance to deepen into a sacred movement practice. Attended by dancers throughout the Colorado Front range and beyond, it holds an intention for deep body prayer, wonderment in this beautiful natural setting and a confluence for the greater dance community. Selections for the evening are mantric in nature (Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic, Sanskrit, etc.) and a “Kindling Ceremony” invokes the blessings of the myriad wisdom traditions contributing to the spiritual abundance we share in these amazing times. Timothy Dobson (minister at The StarHouse) serves as facilitator and master of ceremony (303) 440-5714.

Cost for the Deeper Dance is $15.


Saturday, August 27, 7:30pm at
Kirtan with Scott Medina and friends

StarHouse Kirtan  – Join us for an evening of ecstatic chanting in the divine temple of the StarHouse.  For the past 14 years we have been diving deeply into the power of mantra through these quarterly gatherings.  Whether this is your first time or you have been journeying with us over the years, we warmly invite you to celebrate with us during the beautiful summer months on the StarHouse land!  Led by Scott and Shanti Medina with masterful accompaniment from Gayan Gregory Long on percussion, Eyal Rivlin on guitar and Robert Rand on bass, this is will be an evening of high vibrations.

Advanced tickets are only $12, or at the door for $15.

Contact or for advanced ticket info.

Doors open at 7:15pm.