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Friday, December 19 at 6:15-9:30pm at
StarHouse New Moon Ceremony for Women and Men

Join Ixeeya Lin, Regina Stribbling  and Allen McAllister for a magical, candle lit cozy night up on the magic mountain!

A Lover will never fulfill you fully. Oh but how we need each other on this great adventure!!

Supporting each other on our spiritual adventure!

A Co-ed New Moon Ritual and Council on Sacred Union.

6:15 doors open.   6:30 we will circle up.

$20  or $25 per couple


We open the doors to the womens tent and invite our brothers, lovers and partners to share an evening of sacred play with us.

Here at this dark time of year we will use the feminine masculine polarity to cultivate a night of  healing magic for the season. Laying the ground for the Winter Solstice.

How do we as women and men support each other in the ultimate self care, the eternal joy and connection beyond circumstance ? We need each other. As support, reflection, reminders and companions on this great adventure.

What to expect :

- The women will offer the men a healing touch ritual

- Council on the healing between the genders

- A sacred union ritual of sound and geometry

A nourishing, playful and sacred journey for all.

If you can’t join us in person please sign up for our New Moon Newsletter to stay connected with us at home or in your women’s circle!

Contact Ixeeya Lin with any questions: 303 442 1301


Saturday, December 20th from 2:00pm to 5:00pm at
A Winter Solstice Yoga Practice for Women

Celebrate the Return of the Light!  With Jeanie and Alison.  A Winter Solstice Practice for Women.

We invite you to a special afternoon of nourishment and reflection as we come together in this beautiful, nature inspired setting at the Starhouse in the foothills of Boulder.  On this eve of the winter solstice we will celebrate our inner shakti and light through a candle lit practice that will include slow movement, restorative yoga, chanting, meditation and ritual, along with delighting our senses in essential oils and yummy tastes of the seasons.

We hope you can join this ever growing community of amazing women that Jeanie and Alison have been gathering for this event each year for the past 11 years.

The Starhouse, 3476 Sunshine Canyon Drive, Boulder, CO 80302

Register at 303-818-6697


Saturday, December 20 at 7:30pm at
StarHouse Winter Solstice Celebration

Come join us for a Solstice celebration honoring the Heart of Darkness. Together we will re-discover the beauty that sustains us in the dark times as we behold the returning light.

Open to the public, suggested donation $30 per family, $15 per adult, $5 per kid.


StarHouse Members are free.  To become a member click here

For more information, contact or 303-245-8452


Sunday December 21 at 10am -12:30 pm at
Ceremonial Community Dance Celebration

An Attunement of the Light Within.   Come brighten yourself with us in a gathering of outrageous love and embodied blessings.

Join Ixeeya Lin and a Circle of Special Guests for a very special gathering.   By Donation.

Solstice is the peak day of the Season of Light!   Across the globe Religions and Spiritual practices honor the potency of this time of year.   Solstice is an opportunity to symbolically mark the rebirth of light.   The light of the sun, the light of love in our hearts, the light of kindness and renewal in humanity.

So what is this? 

It is an invitation to gather in earth centered ceremony in a powerful and beautiful mountain temple to culminate your year and renew the love in your heart in community connection through the healing arts of dance, song, ritual and prayer.

The Dance Ceremony looks like this: 

- Purification: with plants and incense

- Sacred Dance Offering : Opening Invocation Dance Prayer by the Women of SpandaRupa Dance Collective and Embodied Women program.

- Live Sacred Music 

- Community Dance : YOUR DANCE IS WHAT CREATES THE BLESSING FORCE OF OUR CEREMONY! Dance your light awake, Dance your prayers, Dance your mind and body free through an ecstatic wave of music and sacred symbols to generate a powerful healing force together. You will be given simple guidance through a moving landscape of symbols, rhythms and elements to support your dance ritual.

- Guided Chanting of the sacred sounds and seasonal songs

- Circle Share of intentions for the season

- Closing Candle Prayer Procession. 

This is co-ed and open to all who are aligned with ritual and dance as a way of listing and blessing. 

This is offered to you by donation.  All proceeds will go to supporting the Starhouse and the Women’s Tent Scholarship Program to support women in need.   Yes children are welcome.

Stay after for tea and treats to connect in with community

Contact Ixeeya Lin with any questions

HEALER, DANCER AND DIRECTOR AT Womens Tent  New Moon Circles/ Womens Dance and Yoga Series /Abdominal & Uterine Massage/Shamanic Healing & body work/ Facilitation & Ceremonial Direction


Sunday, December 21 at 4pm at
StarHouse Family Winter Solstice

On the winter solstice, we mark the longest night of the year and celebrate the rebirth of the sun. This is cave time — time to forge deeper connections to nature and family, time to feed the spirit and nurture the soul. Please join us at the StarHouse for a cozy, family friendly, and low key celebration. We will have crafts, snacks, hot cider, and stories. All ages and all kinds of families are welcome to join our circle as we honor this seasonal deepening and welcome winter.

Open to the public, suggested donation $30 per family, $15 per adult, $5 per kid.


StarHouse Members are free.  To become a member click here

For more information, contact or 303-245-8452


Thursday Dec. 25th, 7:15 p.m. at
Christmas Night Celebration through the Dances of Universal Peace

Sacred circle dances by candlelight, celebrating the “Christ Light” through songs from lilting Kyries, to Gospel, to the words of the Aramaic Jesus. Guitarist and facilitator, Timothy Dobson (Dances of Universal Peace) is joined by special guest musicians to weave an enchanted accompaniment to this very rich program that will ease the holiday frenzy that sometimes obscures the more soulful quality of Christmas.

Cost $15 at the door.

(This year all tickets will be sold at the door of the StarHouse. No advanced sales or  on line services for Xmas or N.Y.E.)


Wednesday, December 31st 7:15- 12:30 at
New Years Eve Celebration through the Dances of Universal Peace

Ring in the new year in sacred fashion as we co-create a threshold of appreciation for blessings past and future. The evening will flow between sets of the Dances of Universal Peace, community ritual, brief meditations and shared inspirations.Ceremonialist and dance facilitator, Timothy Dobson (guitars) will be joined by guest musicians to build a sound scape that carries our caravan into 2015 with a hope and excitement for the travel ahead.
Cost $25 at the door of the StarHouse

(No advanced tickets this year)


Thursday, January 1 at 1-4pm at
Embodying Our Intentions

Join us for Our Annual New Years Dance with Melissa Michaels and Friends

 Together we will open to the Mystery of how Spirit is Seeding our Path Forward.

We will listen to the whispers of our own souls and how that interfaces with what the world is asking from us. 

We will both identify our aspirations for this coming year and befriend our potential challenges. 

 Through Dance, Writing, Small Group Dialogue, and Ceremony, we will access and ignite these New Year Intentions. 

 Every Body is Welcome! 

Click here for flyer and to register

Pre-registration is Important for Space will Fill. ~ Phone: #303-415-0272