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Saturday, December 16 at 7pm
Winter Solstice Celebration

Come celebrate the changing of the season! Let us gather together with music, Sacred Circle dance and quiet introspection to welcome winter and the return of the light. Facilitated by Susie Kincade, Timothy Dobson and Candice Knight.   There will be silent meditation as part of this event.

Open to the public.  Cost: $15 at the door or in advance below


Wednesday, December 20th at 7-9 pm
Solstice Dancing with Amber Ryan and Melissa Michaels

Solstice Dancing, honoring the turning towards the light..

Amber and Melissa will be weaving a deep dance together, igniting the light we will need to carry us through the winter time. A ceremony. A prayer. An intention. A necessity in these times of darkness. 

$25 Online Registration

Join us!

Solstice Dancing with Amber Ryan and Melissa Michaels

Wednesday, Dec. 20th, 7-9 pm

StarHouse, Boulder, CO

3476 Sunshine Canyon Dr
Boulder,  CO 80302


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For more Information please contact 303-415-0272 or



Thursday, December 28 at 7-9:30pm

WITH MACUSHLA AND FRIENDS: Stefan Andre Waligur, Marcy Baruch, Stephen Bross, Jessie Burns, &Tommy Duffy. 7pm to 9:30pm. Join us for wild and wondrous sacred chanting, stories and poetry from the Irish and Indian wisdom traditions. In that liminal space… between this year and next…between thought and feeling, body and soul…Let go, deepen. play, hope.


Sunday, December 31 at 7:15pm
New Years Eve Celebration

This alcohol free event is the New Years tradition for those who are part of the Dances of Universal Peace community and any adults seeking to pass into the new year in a conscious way.The Starhouse (10 minutes west of Boulder) provides the perfect vessel for stepping back from the drift of current events and a manic culture to remember what is important in our lives.

Through the Dances of Universal Peace, live music and song, community ritual and reflective contemplation, we experience values of the heart… connection, tolerance,spiritual communion and a sense of belonging. Although the evening will be dance centered, there are always portions of our time dedicated to remembering people who have passed in the last year, chances for quiet reflection and some sharing of artistic inspirations. This year musicians will include: Bill Burlage- drums and percussion, John Rasmussen- flutes, clarinet, oboe, English horn, Tim Skurdahl- accordion, and Timothy Dobson- guitars and master of ceremonies.

All dances are participatory and made accessible through patient instruction and brief practice. No partners or experience required. Join our “caravan of no despair” as we journey into 2018! This five hour event is once again being offered for $25 Spaces are limited and on a first come, first served basis.  Tickets at:

No shoes in the Starhouse.  Bring soft moccasins or heavy socks, and a flashlight is always helpful for the walk from the parking area to the Starhouse. Water, Sport Tea and light snacks will be provided.


As of January 1, 2018 - February 28, 2018 at
StarHouse Rests

The StarHouse is in winter resting mode for January and February.  The owners are seeking new stewardship of the property.  For more information go to


Friday, January 26 - Saturday, February 3 at
Nature-Connected Coaching Certification

Earth-Based Institute (EBI) is devoted to improving human lives, careers, communities, and businesses. EBI is focused on teaching and learning nature connectedness. Professional instructors and students come together in an experiential learning environment to work toward a future where we live in harmony with nature.

The Nature-Connected Coaching Certification is our main training program which is offered at the Starhouse. It is a comprehensive training blending the skills and techniques of professional life coaching with the unique skills of transformational wilderness work. The result is a highly trained professional who confidently knows how to collaborate with the natural world and the client to inspire intentional self-discovery, personal leadership, and support authentic and meaningful change.

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