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Thursday, July 9 at 7-9pm at
Ecstatic Dance

We are welcoming our guests Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda who will be offering ‘KIRTRONICA’, a lazer light mantra dance.Join us for our MONTHLY evening Ecstatic Dance at The StarHouse for this AMAZING dance EXPERIENCE on such a sacred land.‘Kirtronica’ is a term for a new genre of music that is currently being established in the yoga world which is electronic dance music combined with live Sanskrit/Indian chanting and singing over it. Jaya Lakshmi was one of the pioneers of ‘Kirtronica’ with her previous band “Lost at Last”, founded in Maui, Hawaii in 1997. Over the last few years Jaya Lakshmi has composed original electronic music using Ableton Live. Similar to the the Lost at Last sound, her new music is a mixture of house and tribal trance beats, with (recordings of) acoustic instruments like tabla, guitar, flute, and sarod. In the current duo format, Jaya Lakshmi sings live while Ananda runs Ableton Live. They lead the audience through an ecstatic dance journey that awakens their shakti, inspiring devotional trance states and deepening their connection with the divine.

You can learn more at

This event will be sponsored by Coconut Bliss. Coconut Bliss ice cream will be served after the dance.

The door opens at 7pm & warm up is from 7pm-7:30pm. Opening circle is at 7:30pm.

Students with student ID $15, Regular $17-$20.

PLEASE CARPOOL so we can preserve the nature in the mountains! The address is 3476 Sunshine Canyon Dr, Boulder, CO 80302.

Our MONTHLY dance at The StarHouse ~ Every Second Thursday Each Month.

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Saturday, July 11 at 7:15pm at
Dances of Universal Peace

This offering in its twenty-fourth year provides those dancing for peace a chance to deepen into a sacred movement practice. Attended by dancers throughout the Colorado Front range and beyond, it holds an intention for deep body prayer, wonderment in this beautiful natural setting and a confluence for the greater dance community. Selections for the evening are mantric in nature (Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic, Sanskrit, etc.) and a “Kindling Ceremony” invokes the blessings of the myriad wisdom traditions contributing to the spiritual abundance we share in these amazing times. Timothy Dobson (minister at The StarHouse and SpiritKeepers Interfaith Fellowship) serves as facilitator and master of ceremony (303) 440-5714. Cost for the Deeper Dance is $12.


Sunday, July 12 at 7pm at
Sacred Sound Gong Bath – Tantric Essentials Tour

Solar Plexus – 3rd Chakra – Jeweled City, 60 minutes

Sacred Sound is found within all world cultures and spiritual traditions. It is the basis of music’s ability to calm, awaken, heal, balance & energize the human spirit.

A Gong Bath is an expression of Sacred Sound. It is a powerful vibrational journey which positively affect emotional balance, celluar healing & spiritual awareness.

Within a Gong Bath participants are bathed with the vibration Om that is revitalizing stress reducing and induces natural healing physically, mentally & spiritually.

Cost: $25 @ the door /$20 pre-registration at

Richard Rudis (Sonam Dorje) is one of the foremost sound healing pioneers skilled in using gongs in the Tibetan tradition. He has studied Eastern philosophy for over 30 years as a practitioner in the Vajrayana school of Tibetan Buddhism and has taught workshops since 1988.


Wednesday, July 15 at 6:15-9:30pm at
StarHouse New Moon Ceremony for Women

New Moon has always been a time to come together as women to attune with our bodies, nurture, inspire each other and create nourishing ritual play to help bring support, epiphany and connection to our lives.  Lets keep the traditions alive.  Each evening is a presentation of sacred dance, ritual and sisterhood.

Each New Moon gather along with us!

Cost: $20

If you cant be with us in person… Join in the new mooning dance revolution and sign up for the new moon newsletter that offers you a new moon gift and ritual to do at home each new moon as well as keeping you up on each new seasonal theme! Ixeeya

303 442 1301

For more information on the New Moon gatherings, Leadership Trainings or virtual sisterhood circles contact Ixeeya Lin at



July 18th ~ 9:30am-4:30pm at
RHYTHM A Day of DANCING ~ With Melissa Michaels and the Wild Life Rhythm Keepers

~ Remember Your Flow ~

~ Mobilize into Action ~

~ Surrender to The Wild ~

~ Laugh from Your Belly ~

~ Move from Center ~

A Full Bodied Journey into the 5Rhythms® for Seasoned and New Students alike.


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Sunday, July 19 at 2-4pm at
A Kundalini Yoga Workshop for all levels

Presented by Light on Kundalini in association with “From Self-Care to Earth Care: The Colorado Conference on Integrative Health, Environmental Health, and Healing.” The 3-day conference will be held at the Althea Center in Denver, finishing up with an afternoon at the StarHouse outside of Boulder.

This workshop will address Self-Care by introducing the technology of Kundalini Yoga as a tool for awareness, restoration, and honoring the self. Explore mantra, kriya, and meditation in this guided workshop. Experience the healing sound vibration of the sacred gong with a 31-minute gong layout–the Symbol/Cymbal of Wholeness and Unity.

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$25 in advance | $35 at the door


Monday, July 20 at 7pm at
Sacred Sound Gong Bath – Thousand Petaled Unity

Grande Finale.  7th Chakra, 90 minute/two Earth Gongs.  Tantric Essentials Tour.

Sacred Sound is found within all world cultures and spiritual traditions. It is the basis of music’s ability to calm, awaken, heal, balance & energize the human spirit.

A Gong Bath is an expression of Sacred Sound. It is a powerful vibrational journey which positively affect emotional balance, celluar healing & spiritual awareness.

Within a Gong Bath participants are bathed with the vibration Om that is revitalizing stress reducing and induces natural healing physically, mentally & spiritually.

Cost: $35 @ the door/$30 pre-registration at

Richard Rudis (Sonam Dorje) is one of the foremost sound healing pioneers skilled in using gongs in the Tibetan tradition. He has studied Eastern philosophy for over 30 years as a practitioner in the Vajrayana school of Tibetan Buddhism and has taught workshops since 1988.


Thursday, July 23 at 7-9pm at
Medicine For The Soul – A Sound Journey

sound healing / sound immersion with 20 Tibetan Singing Bowls, Planetary Gongs, Native American Flutes and other sounds with Pati Pellerito & Mark Holland

Tibetan Singing Bowls awaken a beautiful and powerful mystery. Their rich sonic vibrations alter space, mind and time. The sound and music awakens cellular   memory, activating and attuning energy centers in the body, permeating your entire being with healing energy.  Mark plays a variety of flutes weaving melodies, while the ultra low Flutes draw you deeply into your breath.  Playing two Paiste Planetary Gongs, tuned to frequencies of the cosmos, Pati brings Nibiru, the gong of “transformation” and Chiron, the “wounded healer.”

Attendees are encouraged to bring a mat and pillow and lie on their backs with closed eyes as they bathe in the sounds.

Cost: $25

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Pati Pellerito LMT, CSH is Nationally Certified in Massage Therapy and holds Certification in Sound Healing.

Her initial studies with “sound healing”  began in 2008 with Suren Shrestha, who has brought ancient secrets of the Nepalese masters with Traditional Himalayan method of using Tibetan Singing Bowls. Pati completed Gong Master Training sessions with Don Conreaux in 2014-15 using Paiste Planetary Gongs.  Since 1994 she has maintained a private practice and continues her studies with advanced education in the healing arts.
Pati offers individual and group sessions, combining a hands-on approach with Sound, Vibrational and Energy Medicine for a profound healing experience.
Since 2004, Pati has been studying/practicing Qigong, an internal energy art system with various instructors throughout the U.S.
Inspired by working with groups, using breath, self-created sounds, movement and instruments, Pati remains dedicated to helping others play an active role in maintaining a healthy, harmonious mind-body-spirit.


Friday, July 24 - 31st at
SURFING THE CREATIVE ~ Intergenerational Rites of Passage Journey

A 7-Day Dancing Quest Through the Labryinth of Body, Heart, Creativity, and Intimacy into Destiny

In these times of great potential and challenge on planet Earth, we are being invited to rise up and live with radical authenticity, aligning inner truths and outer gifts for the well being of all.  Surfing the Creative® is a time tested pathway for the liberation of creative Spirit dedicated to our collective renewal.  Our work together weaves somatic resourcing, creative expression, human development, community learning, and the natural world into a process that is both healing and awakening.  This moving journey serves to catalyze life changing experiences that invite emergence for each individual and for our ever-groing community of dedicated youth and adults around the world.


Program Intentions

  • Accessing the Wisdom of Your body
  • Opening to the Truths of Your Heart
  • Strengthening Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Aligning with the Bounty of Mother ~ Father
  • Liberating the Creative Wild Child
  • Discovering Pathways for Building Healthy Connections Within Yourself, With the World & With the Spirit Moving All of Life
  • Remembering Ever More Fully Your Unique Destiny & What Your Next Steps will be in Order to Manifest That in our World Community
For All People 18-108 years of age


$25 – Application Fee

$625 – Program Fee if you have done 1 or more Surfing the Creative® programs

$725 – Program Fee for first time Surfing the Creative® participants

Friday, June 24th 6-9PM

Saturday, June 25th – 31st 9:30am – 5:30pm

Evening events Sunday, June 26 and Wednesday, June 29.

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Small World Camp ~ For Children Ages 2-13 Years

A Concurrent Children’s Program for Families when parents are participating in the SomaSource® Surfing the Creative® Intergenerational Program.


Friday, July 31 at 7:30pm-9pm at
StarHouse Full BLUE Moon Meditation

Full Moons at The StarHouse provide quiet time to listen and feel the energies of Sun, Moon and Earth in their full moon alignment. We take this quiet time to open, receive, reflect and explore this conversation and its meaning for us personally and as a community globally. We begin each time with an acknowledgment of the “voices” of the sun, moon and earth. Each individual in their own way(walking, sitting or laying) has quiet time to “be” present in the energy of the full moon and held by our beautiful temple StarHouse. You are invited to come and be present in this sacred space. Minister, Candice Knight and Kathleen Mayberry

Suggested Donation: $10

or Free to StarHouse members.  To become a StarHouse member go to:





Sunday, August 2 at 1-5pm at
Passage to the Divine

with April Glaser, Kelly Walsh, & Myrna Castaline. 

Come, let yourself be guided to a place of deep, restful awareness; a place beyond time and space where the divine is faithfully waiting for you on the other side.

In this afternoon retreat of nourishing yoga, sacred sound, and healing touch, we will begin by immersing ourselves in nature to initiate a conversation with the land and cross a bridge into an expanded state of being. We’ll then transition into a yin/restorative yoga practice, accompanied by the transformative sounds of the Tibetan Singing Bowls, to help us surrender and deepen into our true essence. During the practice you’ll receive highly intuitive hands-on assists, by way of CranioSacral Therapy and Thai Massage, to further facilitate your unfolding. Our journey will conclude with space for self-reflection and integration. Please join us for this extraordinary mini-retreat, as a way to healthfully indulge in the spaciousness of nature, inner stillness, and genuine self-care.

Please bring any yoga props you might have, including a mat, bolster, block, strap, and/or blanket, as well as water, snacks, a journal, pen, and/or colored pencils.

When: Sunday August 2nd
Where: The StarHouse
3476 Sunshine Canyon Road
Boulder, CO 80302
(carpooling is encouraged)
Time: 1:00pm-5:00pm
Cost: $60 Early Registration by 7/26
$65 week of4

Please register to secure your spot at:

April Glaser is a deeply heartfelt and intuitive yoga teacher, Thai massage practitioner, poet and wilderness explorer. She is passionate about helping people re-open and remember the truth of who they really are.

Kelly Anne Walsh is an intuitive healer, CranioSacral Therapy practitioner, & owner of Boulder Healing Arts. She uses her rich experience in bodywork, yoga, and spirit medicine to guide people to consciously embody their greatness with gentleness, humor, and grace to live a vibrant and rich life they love.

Myrna Castaline brings 40 years experience in the healing arts to her sound healing sessions with Tibetan singing bowls. Her intention is to sooth, inspire, and awaken your spirit as the sacred sounds reach into the core of your being, experiencing greater awareness of your true self.


Sunday, August 23 at 7-9pm at
Sound Healing Celebration

Featuring Gong Vortex Meditation and Holoenergetic Healing

with Jere and Ellen Friedman. 

Jere Friedman and a multitude of gongs will create a unique GONG VORTEX that will envelope your body, mind, and spirit in healing and energizing vibrations!!!!  Ellen Friedman, P.T., M.A. uses Holoenergetic® Healing processes to guide you into wholeness. Visit and or email for more information.

Allow the soothing vibrations of the Gongs and powerful Holoenergetic® Healing processes to raise your awareness of your true Self, balance your energies, and bring you into alignment with Universal Truth.

Bring a yoga mat and/or blankets, pillow, water, etc. as you will be sitting and lying on the floor.

Cost: $20

“There is only one thing that can supersede and command the human mind – the sound of the Gong. The mind has no power to resist a gong that is well played.” Yogi Bhajan

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Jere Friedman began playing gongs as a meditation and sound healing process in 2009. He is a student of world renowned Gongmaster Don Conreaux and has spent countless hours playing gongs at private and public gong baths and other meditation events. Each gong bath is a unique, uplifting, and joyous experience for the player and the listeners – everyone departs feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and energized.  Jere has released several Gong and meditation CDs.  He also has recorded gong tones for the soundtrack of a major motion picture that was released in 2012. Visit for more information about Jere.



Saturday and Sunday, August 29-30 at 9-5pm at
ConnectHer: A Women’s Retreat to Connect with Self, Tribe, and Nature

Come join your yet-to-be-met sister tribe to reconnect with nature, community and your personal path through meditation, nature walks, embodied feminine movement, time honoured rituals and soulful arts and crafts. This weekend (Saturday and Sunday 9-5pm) in the mountains will provide you with practical and magical practices that you can take home and use in your daily lives. At the end of summer, come take a much-needed pause to celebrate how far we have come and to dream bigger dreams together. Join Kathryn Holt, LCSW, Colleen McCann, and Stephanie Severe for this beautiful weekend!

Register here:

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Saturday, August 29 at 7:30pm at
Kirtan with Scott Medina and Friends

Have you experienced a StarHouse Kirtan recently?  These uplifting evenings are filled with easy to learn chants, stellar musicianship, loving community and big energy!  You are welcomed to meditate, chant and dance through the evening.  Led by Scott and Shanti Medina, with musical accompaniment from Steve Bross, Gayan Gregory Long and Robert Rand.  Their brand-new double CD “SoMAntra” will be on sale for a special price, too.  7:30pm start time, doors open at 7:15pm, $15 at the door only.  For more information, contact  All Love!



Saturday, October 24, 9am-5pm - Sunday, October 25, 9:30am-5pm at
Meditation Workshop Awakening the Third Eye

Do you want to gain greater clarity and start to build an inner foundation to go beyond your limits and change your life? In this dynamic workshop, you will facilitate your own direct experiences of deeper states of consciousness. You will learn techniques to awaken your Third Eye and experience spiritual vision for yourself. The Clairvision methods bring immediate, tangible and profound results.

Skills you will learn at the workshop;

-          How to protect and ground your energy so you are less tired. Especially great for bodyworkers and anyone who works with computers through the day.
-          Techniques to quiet your mind, bring greater internal focus and clarity, and build a daily meditation practice.
-          Night Practice – a technique for relaxation, fast recuperation for greater productivity and relief from insomnia.
-          How to use your Third Eye to dowse and detect earth energies.
-          How to use awareness and spiritual vision to increase awakening, joy and love in your life.

The techniques taught at the workshop come from Clairvision school of meditation (, a school of spiritual awakening that emphasizes first-hand experiences of consciousness.

Pricing: $220; $180 (Before September 30); $90 (Student)

If you are interested in registering, please email or call 303-817-8686.