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Held in the foothills of Boulder on the beautiful 100 acre property of the Star House

September 24, 9:30 am – 4:30 pm

Nature Connection


Somatic Rejuvenation

Expressive Movement


Vocal visualization


Are you in need of peaceful, guided time to connect to Nature and to nourish your inner life?  Join Myth & Movement Arts Director Laura Melling for a gently paced, sensory renewal of the dreaming foundation of health and inner strength.  We will take this time to sink into Nature’s stillness and from there rebirth the many dimensions of our subtle body. We will practice Isadora Duncan’s method of expressive movement to rejuvenate and become self-aware, and learn Bioenergetic exercises for grounding and release of tension.

You will have the opportunity to cultivate your daydreaming and land-based meditation skills and learn integrative approaches to working with dreams. We will practice sensory awareness and tracking skills for connecting with the landscape. Laura will speak on the power of fairy tales for soul development and tell a traditional tale full of courageous wisdom for the Autumn season.

We will conclude by making plans for ongoing work with these principles and with a collective dramatization of our dream discoveries with spoken word, movement and sound.

This gathering will condense the 5 week course of Laura’s Monday evening “Dreaming Body” Fall Class into a single day with the additional opportunity for landscape connection.


No prior movement experience needed. Spaces limited. Pre-registration required. Email Fee: $85-100. sliding scale

Colorado School of Myth & Movement Arts, Boulder, CO
(303) 918-6183


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