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Awakened Purpose, Embodied Presence, & ARTFUL INTIMACY

Join Eli for this piercing exploration into living the full spectrum of your masculine heart, depth, and freedom.

  • Sharpen your sword of awareness and align with the pristine consciousness underlying this moment.
  • Take a stand in rediscovered strength, turning to face shadows that most men avoid–forging integrity and self authorship.
  • Strengthen the warrior aspect of your being, learning to move into action with confidence, precision and grace.
  • Transform depleting distractions and unconscious fidgets into choiceful actions that loosen contractions and reveal your true heart.
  • Cultivate your state of being and learn practices to continue evolving, while calling self and male friends to a truer demonstration of masculine maturity.

Trainings with Eli are offered in a strong spirit of integrity, humor, and heart. Bringing potency to ancient methods and breathing life into newly developed practices that awaken, clarify, and open the deepening man.


Call to Presence will offer you:

  • Dynamic embodiment through yogic practice, awareness exercises, and martial arts.
  • Heartful structure to give and receive clear, direct, and honest reflection with a group of dedicated and experienced men.
  • Instruction in breath practices that cultivate, circulate, and sustain life force across the spectrum of human expression—from deep lovemaking to intense challenge, and from great celebration to the natural process of letting go.
  • Understanding of the dynamics in sexual polarity and its potent influence on your intimate life, from attracting the partner you desire to deepening your chosen relationship.
  • Real bonds of brotherhood forged through loving challenge, and the option to continue practicing with these men as part of an online men’s group. (Details provided in person.)

Note: This weekend is for men who want to know AND embody more of their true depth—men who choose to consciously evolve in response to the challanges of relationship, purpose and life.

Register Now for Call to Presence: Boulder

April 28th-29th, 2018
Saturday: 9:00a.m.—7:00p.m. / Sunday: 9:00a.m.—5:00p.m.

The Starhouse
Boulder, Colorado

Sliding scale from $650—$350.

Buy a ticket and sponsor another man to attend: $1,100.

Two need-based scholarships are available and potentially more along with sponsorship tickets. Contact for scholarship application.

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