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Board of Directors and Executives

Administrative Director

Mary Lynn Neiman

Mary Lynn became the Administrative Director of All Seasons Chalice/The StarHouse in 2008 and loves sharing the wonder and beauty of The StarHouse, Retreat Cabin and sacred sites with renters and guests. She has a B.A. from Bowdoin College and a M.A. from Lesley University. Her professional experience includes working in the high tech field, in education at both university and K-8 levels, in immigration law and at various non-profit organizations. She graduated from The StarHouse’s Path of the Ceremonial Arts program in 2006. Mary Lynn enjoys being with her family and in the natural world.

Board Officers

David Tresemer, President
Susie Kincade, Vice-President
Mary Lynn Neiman, Secretary
Gary Shirman, Treasurer

Additional ASC Board Members

Greg Gerritsen
Laine Gerritsen
Candice Knight, Minister Representative
Lila Tresemer