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We are at a pivotal time on the planet.  Our souls chose to be here at this time and our lives mirror what is, energetically, happening on the planet.  Fear and reactivity are prevalent and, like all dual aspects of our existence, it is an opportunity for us to realize what is below the surface – both around us and within ourselves.  As we do so, we can release the blocks that keep us from being the true interconnected and powerful authentic beings that we are.  It is about being in the present, aware, and awakened to shift our consciousness beyond linear time. 

The intention of this workshop is to release any stuck energy that may be holding you back from the powerful being that you are.  If your intention is to heal areas that have been blocking you; not just for your own personal gains, but to help raise the consciousness of the world, this workshop is for you!  You will experience purifying breathwork processes and sacred sound vibrations that assist in removing blockages to align with your true authentic self.  These methodologies are short cuts that are much needed for focused awareness and awakening in our daily lives.  With your willingness to release the distractions of old patterns, anxieties, fears, frustrations, and addictions, you’ll be able to hold the space of aligning with the Divine within, in unifying unconditional love.  In this workshop, you will experience:
•    Personalized healing sounds for your own healing, liberation, and meditation (including syllables, tuning fork frequencies to internalize, mantras, and toning sounds).
•    Powerful purifying breathwork processes, Qigong, and essential oils to access cellular memory and alchemical transmutation.
•    The sacred sounds of Paiste Planetary Gongs, Himalayan Bowls, and other instruments of powerful sound vibration.
•    Awakening higher states of consciousness and your true soul essence.

October 15, 2017 ★ 9-5 pm
★ Open to All Levels ★ Space is Limited
Presented at the StarHouse: A Place of Growth Through Sacred Geometry and Spiritual Healing.
3476 Sunshine Canyon Rd. Boulder, CO 80304

Presented by:  Anita Boehm and Gregg Wilkins

Anita Boehm provides healing services, products, and education that create pathways to physical and emotional renewal. She is devoted to helping you become pain free and healthy, both internally and externally through her work as an Integrated Energy Body Therapist, Qigong Instructor/Breathwork Facilitator, Breathing Practitioner and producer of powerful therapeutic essential oils.

Gregg Wilkins creates soundscapes and a safe place for people to work with their processes.  His approach comes from many facets of his education and training as well as combining work he had done within his consciousness and spirituality studies. He attended the State Institute of Sonology in the Netherlands as well as Chicago Musical College. He is a Reiki Master and a Deeksha Blessing Giver.  He has spent time in Nepal and Tibet as well as travels to Brazil to work with John of God. Gregg is a composer, percussionist and has been creating soundscapes/compositions for most of his life.  He offers private and group sessions to those interested. You can find more information about Gregg at

Advanced Registration Required:  Cost:  $100 pre-paid by October 1, 2017– $125; thereafter.  Please contact Anita –,  303-241-3343 or, you may pre-pay online:

Repeat students, this workshop has been reformatted.  You will have new experiences and you may attend for just $65, if you register by October 1, 2017 — $85; thereafter!  

Directions to the StarHouse:  

What to Bring:  Please bring a sack lunch, layers of comfortable clothing (for both inside and outside activities — yoga clothes great for breathwork and meditation inside), and appropriate footwear for light hiking to enjoy the StarHouse labyrinths and other sacred sites during  breaks.  You may wish to bring your own yoga mat, blanket and pillow for your final cosmic sound journey with gong and sacred singing bowls; although, the StarHouse does provide blankets, meditation chairs, etc.  

To register contact Anita Boehm at


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